10 Reasons Why We Love EcoLogic (& You Should, Too!)

Here are 10 reasons why Oasis EcoLogic Welfare will benefit your staff and visitors on site, as well as the environment and your neighbours

Looking for eco-friendly self-contained site welfare that will also reduced your running costs?

If so, look no further.

Our EcoLogic range will tick all the boxes by providing all the facilities site need in one unit from day one.  Here are 10 reasons why Oasis EcoLogic Welfare benefits everyone…

  1. Lower costs per person: EcoLogic units with two toilets and can cater for up to 25 people from a H&S point of view, which could save you up to 50%.
  2. Reduced Carbon Footprint: LPG units have lower carbon emissions compared with diesel powered units and there is no risk of diesel spillage, water table contamination or particulates in exhaust emissions.
  3. Enhanced Health & Safety: Noise reduction, less generator running hours, 24/7 drying room, programmable heating and mercury-free lighting.
  4. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Double glazed windows, high level insulation and insulated window shutters, PIR controlled lighting and EcoLogic technology that requires low user intervention so that unit can operate at best environmental level.
  5. Advanced Telemetry System: Our advanced telemetry system allows us to remotely monitor units on hire and allows to identify a potential future problem before it occurs.
  6. Silent Overnight Heating:  This keeps the neighbours happy whilst they sleep.
  7. Water Saving and Solar Incorporated:  Solar power is incorporated in to the EcoLogic unit design. Non-concussive taps are installed in the units to help conserve water, avoid flooding and reduce water waste.
  8. A Range of Options Available: EcoLogic units are available in different sizes and layouts.  All of our 32ft EcoLogic units have two toilets and can cater for a male/female split on site.
  9. Carbon Statements: Accurate carbon statements can be provided for all EcoLogic units at the end of each hire and provide details on LPG usage, CO2 emissions and running costs.
  10. Points towards Considerate Constructors and PQQs: EcoLogic Welfare has been designed with safety, environment, sustainability, cleanliness, respect, being a good neighbour, respect and responsibility in mind.

If you would like further information or a quote for an EcoLogic unit, please call 01268 280500 or email sales@advante.co.uk

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