Advanté Launches Groundbreaking NEW SolarGo Toilets

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, aiming for Net Zero and a focus on improving people’s wellbeing, Advanté is proud to unveil its groundbreaking new Oasis® SolarGo Toilets. This innovative site welfare solution sets a new standard in the provision of high-quality instant start toilet facilities, and it's poised to make a lasting impact on the construction industry.

Three, two, one… Solar GO!

Oasis® SolarGo Toilets comprise of three separate cubicles, featuring two individual toilets and one separate urinal, all housed inside one small 8ft by 9ft unit. Each cubicle has a full forearm wash basin with temperature-controlled water, and water saving non-concussive taps.

This unique instant start toilet block configuration has the smallest footprint of the whole Oasis® Welfare range, but still delivers facilities for up to 30 people on site.

A SolarGo toilet unit is a completely self-contained toilet block, perfect for construction sites that need additional toilet facilities, alongside their welfare setup. SolarGo Toilets can be placed at regular intervals across site and closer to works, shortening the distance staff must walk to “go” to the toilet.

SolarGo Toilets Self-contained Solar Powered Welfare Unit

No generator, 100% silent operation

Oasis® SolarGo Toilets are designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of modern construction sites, offering 100% silent, generator-free, and completely self-contained toilet facilities. Oasis® SolarGo Toilets contribute to impressive carbon savings with an electrical system that is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Solar panels fitted to the roof harness solar from daylight all year round. Surplus energy storage ensures electrical power is available when needed. This significantly reduces energy costs and environmental impact. Minimal LPG is used to heat the boiler, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

Tony Rose, Research & Development Manager at Advanté, shares his thoughts:

“The Oasis® SolarGo toilet block represents a giant leap forward in sustainable site welfare. By removing the generator, we created a robust renewable electrical power system that harnesses solar energy to create a silent, low-emission, and cost-effective facility. It’s not just a toilet unit; it’s a statement of our commitment to reducing emissions for our clients and noise to promote a healthier work environment.”

Focusing on renewable solar energy to reduce emissions and minimise environmental and community impact, this low emission toilet block is set to transform the way we think about site welfare.

SolarGo Toilets Self-contained Solar Powered Welfare Unit

Inclusive, Solar Powered Toilets

SolarGo Toilets provide comfortable and inclusive toilet facilities with three separate cubicles housed inside one welfare unit. to accommodate a large and diverse workforce

Silent welfare facilities also promote a positive work environment. The silent operation of SolarGo Toilets ensures those neighbouring the construction site are happier too.  These high-quality toilet facilities promote a positive image of construction projects, contributing to community engagement and helping to address the skills shortage by attracting more people to work in the industry with pleasant welfare facilities.

With Oasis® SolarGo Toilets, companies can now provide first-class welfare facilities while reducing their environmental footprint, lowering operational costs, and enhancing the overall quality of the work environment for everyone working on site. This product demonstrates the future of sustainable, instant start site welfare, setting a new benchmark for the industry when it comes to self-contained toilet provision.

SolarGo Toilets Self-contained Solar Powered Welfare Unit

Celebrating 25 Years of Oasis Welfare at Advanté

Advanté is a leading provider of innovative Oasis Welfare units for the construction and industrial sectors. With a strong commitment to sustainability, quality, and community well-being, Advanté consistently pioneers cutting-edge products that push the boundaries of what is possible in site welfare, helping clients to achieve their Net Zero and ESG Sustainability goals.

For more information, contact us at or call 01268 280500.

Advanté Launches Groundbreaking NEW SolarGo Toilets
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