Can You Believe it’s been 20 Years Since the Launch of the First Oasis Unit?

What a milestone. Advanté is celebrating its 58th Birthday and 20 years since the launch of Oasis instant start welfare.

Today, Advanté is celebrating its 58th Birthday and 20 years since the launch of Oasis instant start welfare

We are very proud that 20 years on we are still supplying all the major players in UK Housebuilding and Construction, who adopted this ‘new’ way of working many years ago.  Our company ethos of keeping Clients central in everything we do, and our staff’s genuine desire to provide our Clients with solutions to any issues they face, are fundamental for Advanté to continue delivering Oasis welfare that suits our Clients’ ever-changing environment.

Advanté invented the concept of instant start welfare in response to a Client who, due to changing Health & Safety Regulations, needed specific site welfare facilities where mains services were not available. 

Since 1998, Advanté has innovated and expanded the Oasis welfare model range in line with changing Client requirements using various perspectives:  green credentials, health & safety legislation, male/female toilet facilities, additional office/meeting room space, respecting the community in which Clients work and so forth.

In 2017, we won Awards for Sustainability and Growth.  We also launched five new models to the Oasis welfare range, introduced a new EcoLogic system innovation, achieved the Sustainability School Bronze Award and received our Constructing Better Health Membership.  So far this year, we have been shortlisted in the CN Specialists Awards 2018 and are now a registered Supplier with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

We will continue to work hard to stay ahead of the game in welfare provision by close collaboration and reacting swiftly to the needs of our Clients.

If you have any questions about Oasis instant start welfare, call us today on 01268 280500 or email

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