Carbon Saving with Taylor Wimpey Ebbsfleet

Here we are at Taylor Wimpey's Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet site discussing the benefits of Oasis EcoLogic welfare units on a busy construction site…


Taylor Wimpey have been using Advanté’s Oasis office and welfare units on their sites for the last 23 years now. They were one of the early adopters of Oasis Welfare, recognising the need to provide suitable welfare for their staff from day one of a site start before services are available, even then.

The self-contained, low carbon EcoLogic units have delivered to the housebuilder the ideal solution for many sites on both short and long term hires; and are particularly important in build areas near residents where it is vital to keep noise and emissions to an absolute minimum.


Welfare provision at Castle Hill

Taylor Wimpey South East Limited’s Castle Hill site provided welfare for up to 50 people by hiring two 32ft Oasis EcoLogic 1400 welfare units:

Carbon Saving with Taylor Wimpey Ebbsfleet

ecologic 1400 logo

Large Canteen – Drying Room – 2 Toilets

EcoLogic 1400 floorplan

EcoLogic 1400 canteen

So, what are the benefits of Oasis EcoLogic units on a busy site?

Andy Aristocleous, Senior Site Manager for Taylor Wimpey, who is currently managing their  Castle Hill site, explains:

“I have been using Oasis units for 10 years now, they are high quality units and have everything we need. This morning for example, we came to site, the unit had been silent all through the night – the Service Team at Advanté set the curfews to meet my site requirements and yet inside it was lovely and warm for us to start the day.

We look to make carbon reductions on site in all ways we can as part of our sustainability plan. Because you can’t see the solar panels it is easy to forget that they provide most of the energy we use to power the bits in the unit during the day – even in the winter. The Oasis EcoLogic units have always given us that advantage in terms of low carbon welfare provision.

Occasionally with new starters on a site they ask what is wrong with the unit – they can’t believe the generator isn’t running! We have to remind them that it is solar and battery powered for the majority for the time, and the quiet means it is working properly!”

Carbon Saving with Taylor Wimpey Ebbsfleet

Oasis EcoLogic and EcoLogic Solar instant start welfare solutions

Oasis EcoLogic and EcoLogic Solar units offer a complete instant start solution. With built-in hybrid technology there are no additional items of plant needed to power or manage the unit – no additional generator or solar array, no water or waste connections – everything is in the unit, keeping the footprint in tight site environments to a minimum. Every night the site can simply lock up the unit knowing that they will come back to a warm, secured unit in the morning.

Overnight, the unit runs silently using a curfew system – so there is no noise for neighbours, and during the day the solar panels and batteries provide the majority of the power needed to run the electrics in the unit on a daily basis. The hybrid LPG generator only starts to top up the stored energy. The unit is a truly sustainable option.

And the future…

Taylor Wimpey are now increasingly using Advanté’s latest EcoLogic Solar Welfare range which offers an even greater sized solar input, leading up to 99% of electrical power being run from the solar panels, reducing not only their carbon footprint, but also their running costs.

Oasis Welfare Unit EcoLogic Solar
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