Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building to Orkney

Advanté has been working with OakTec on the HIMET (Hydrogen in an Integrated Maritime Energy Transition) Project to deliver a zero-emission, portable cruise terminal building to Kirkwall Harbour in Orkney. This innovative project combines Advanté’s hybrid solar technology with OakTec’s new hydrogen engine, to demonstrate how effective technologies can facilitate maritime decarbonisation.

The HIMET Project, Orkney

Advanté became involved in the HIMET Project following successful collaboration with the CAGE (Clean Air Gas Engine) project partners, delivering sustainable welfare to HS2 as part of the Clean Air Programme.  This new project in Orkney is one of 55 projects selected for funding under the Department for Transport’s flagship Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition, delivered in partnership with Innovate UK.

OakTec and Advanté, along with a consortium of industry experts including lead partner EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre), have been brought together by the HIMET Project to demonstrate technologies that enable maritime decarbonisation.  Orkney is a global centre of marine energy expertise and hydrogen research, and EMEC plays a central role in the continued growth of wave and tidal energy as a sustainable source of renewable energy.

The HIMET initiative focuses on decarbonising both onshore and offshore maritime activities, such as ferry services and cruise terminal operations.

Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building

Delivering a Sustainable Building Solution

The project offered an exciting opportunity to build a new cruise terminal building for Hatston Pier, near Kirkwall, to reduce maritime related carbon and help the UK meet its net zero goals.

Advanté designed and built a 10 metre two-storey portable building, based on the Oasis EcoMax Solar welfare unit setup.  The two units are connected by an external staircase to provide a reception area on the ground floor and office space on the top floor, for cruise passengers and cruise or pier staff.  The building is powered by Advanté’s hybrid solar hydrogen power system to harness, store and supply renewable energy to the units all-year-round.

OakTec developed a new hydrogen engine that uses hydrogen as a clean fuel alternative with zero carbon emissions, producing only water vapour in the exhaust.  This ground-breaking engine has been integrated into the hybrid power system in the ground floor unit, to support the carbon-free power gained by the unit’s solar technology.

Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building
Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building
Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building

The cruise terminal building contains the following features:

  • Air source heating system
  • Large, double-glazed entrance
  • Full length vision panels overlooking harbour
  • Spacious with plenty of natural lighting
  • Energy saving LED lighting with PIR sensors
  • Well insulated and energy efficient

The building is designed to provide a comfortable environment for all, allowing as much natural light into the unit without compromising the steel structure.  It is heated and cooled throughout using low energy climate-controlled air source heating.

“I feel very proud to have played a part in this really exciting project for Orkney Island Council. The building’s design is based on our Oasis EcoMax welfare units, but instead we have created an open plan reception and office space for various cruise activities. I look forward to seeing the results and incorporating this hybrid solar and hydrogen technology into future projects as well.”

– Derek Copland – Modular Building Manager, Advanté Ltd

Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building

Watch this quick time-lapse video showing the delivery and installation process…

Advanté Transport delivered the portable cruise terminal building to the Orkney Harbour Authority on Friday, with some assistance from David Watson Transport.  Our experienced team and specialist lifting capabilities with 80t/m lorry loader crane, ensured quick and safe installation of the building on arrival, with little disruption to cruise operations.

The cruise terminal building will be connected to a hydrogen tank, produced offshore by wind farms and wave farms. This innovative and portable building will provide a welcoming and sheltered “meet and greet” point overlooking the harbour, with a seated reception area for visitors and staff.

“The cabins will provide both a lovely welcome area for cruise passengers to see what Orkney has to offer and a workspace area for the cruise and pier teams throughout the season. Their arrival shows a commitment to ensuring we make sustainable improvements to our services and ensures that Orkney provides the best reception to our visitors.”

– Orkney Harbour Authority


This carbon-free cruise terminal building highlights the possibilities of solar and hydrogen innovation through successful collaboration.  Not only will this sustainable portable building solution have a positive impact on the environment, but it will also improve local air quality for people who work and live in the area.

This exciting project will also promote awareness of the HIMET project and decarbonisation in Orkney, and hopefully encourage further clean energy research.  Looking to the future, the success of this project will be explored and considered for uptake across UK ports and further afield.

Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building
Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building
Advanté Supply New Solar & Hydrogen Cruise Terminal Building