Positive Impact for Staff and Community at Willmott Dixon’s Hospital Site

Advanté has been working with Willmott Dixon Interiors to deliver sustainable instant start welfare and office facilities to their on-going projects at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton

Positive Impact for Staff and Community at Willmott Dixon’s Hospital Site

Due to the location, service connections are not easily available and therefore the team required a completely self-contained set up from Oasis WelfareWillmott Dixon Interiors approached Advanté to deliver suitable welfare units to their upcoming projects.

The duration of the projects are expected to be carried across over one year – and being in the middle of a built-up residential area, minimising noise and carbon emissions is paramount, to positively impact the local community and air quality.

The build team chose to hire three separate Oasis EcoMax welfare setups, including two from our latest 32ft EcoMax Solar welfare range.  EcoMax Solar is our unique two-storey instant start welfare setup that is mainly powered by solar and a hybrid LPG power system that rarely relies on the generator.

The units were delivered to site in February and so far the results have been brilliant with the two EcoMax Solar units delivering 99.6% of their electricity carbon-free and running 99.9% of the time silently.


Impressively efficient…

“The use of Advante’s Solar EcoMax32 units here at the Royal Sussex County Hospital have been invaluable. They have allowed us to provide a welfare and site accommodation space to facilitate the various projects we undertake here for University Hospitals Sussex Foundation Trust. This particular area of Brighton, and the Hospital site itself, is incredibly congested and the area that’s been made available to us has very little in the way of core services for us to connect easily to. Being self-sufficient, they have allowed us to quickly set up a base and deliver projects for our customer…

… In terms of performance, the units came fully stocked and in excellent condition, allowing us to make an immediate start. They have also been impressively efficient; the generator very rarely goes on thanks to the solar panels on the roof and it is quiet in operation in any case, which our neighbours appreciate.”

Andy Gray | Senior Build Manager | Willmott Dixon Interiors

Oasis UK Positive Impact for Staff and Community at Willmott Dixon’s Hospital Site

Quick Set Up for Long Term Sustainable Welfare

Willmott Dixon Interiors were appointed by University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust to deliver additional clinical treatment space within the emergency department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.  Using modern methods of construction, they built a two-storey modular building outside the main A&E department, to help increase the capacity within the main A&E and improve services for patients, as well as minimising pressure on the NHS.

This is just one of the projects undertaken by the Willmott Dixon Interiors build team, who have embarked on a variety of projects at the Royal Sussex Hospital site, with different levels of staff and contractors needing access to quality welfare and office facilities.

Located in a busy residential area, space around the hospital construction site is very limited. Willmott Dixon and the Trust have worked together to ensure suitable welfare is put in place for staff working across the different projects.

Positive Impact for Staff and Community at Willmott Dixon’s Hospital Site

EcoMax Units on Site

EcoMax Solar (x2)

Site Stats at 154 days on hire

  • 99.6% of electricity produced Carbon-Free
  • 99.9% Silent Running
  • Energy produced by renewable sources would run an average house for 290 days
  • LPG cost just £2.12 per unit per day (heating & 24/7 drying room) **

* data taken from Advanté telemetry report as at 18/07/2022 **based on gas bottles purchased.

MORE Welfare and Office Space, LESS Footprint

Oasis EcoMax 1400 Solar (x 2) 

  • Ground floor units = 2 x Large Canteens (32 seats), 2 x Drying Rooms and 4 x Toilets
  • First floor units = 2 x Large Meeting Rooms/Offices, 2 x separate Offices


Oasis EcoMax 1400s (x 1)

  • Ground floor unit = Large Canteen (16 seats), Shower, Drying Room and 2 x Toilets
  • First floor unit = Large Meeting Room/Office and separate Office

The EcoMax range provides a unique two-storey instant start welfare setup that maximises welfare and office space on site, without increasing site’s compound footprint. The EcoMax welfare setup on the Royal Sussex County Hospital site takes up far less room than hiring single-storey welfare units, placing the build team within walking distance to their works.

In total, the setup has 6 separate toilets, 3 drying rooms and 1 shower in addition to their large canteen and office space, which is ideal for site inductions, meetings and training.

Oasis Welfare Units Oasis Welfare Building Construction Site
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