Sustainable Site Welfare on Hospital Site with Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam have set their sustainability goals high with aims of achieving energy-neutral construction sites in 2030. Here’s how Oasis EcoLogic Solar and EcoMax Solar have been supporting these goals at their hospital site in Portsmouth.

Sustainable Site Welfare

Ballast Nedam are specialists in the design and build of efficient and sustainable single and multi-storey car parks. They are committed to making a difference in the future and are focused on reducing CO2 emissions on their construction sites.  One of the ways they are achieving this is by investing in more sustainable site welfare units…

Since September 2021, Ballast Nedam Parking have hired both Oasis EcoLogic Solar and Oasis EcoMax Solar welfare at their Queen Alexandra Hospital site in Portsmouth, to support their sustainability goals.

Oasis Welfare units are a popular choice for contractors working on health sites, due to their low carbon and mainly silent-running operation.  Being completely self-contained welfare units, they provide ‘instant start’ welfare facilities once delivered to site.

Oasis Welfare Setup on Hospital Site Sustainable Site Welfare

Why choose EcoLogic Solar?

Ballast Nedam Parking required a sustainable site welfare setup with plenty of office and canteen space, in addition to toilet and drying room facilities. Advanté delivered both an EcoMax 1400 Solar welfare setup and an EcoLogic 1700 Solar welfare unit to site.

Site Manager, John Davis explained:

“The units arrived perfectly clean and hygienic. We were lucky enough to have brand new ones, but other users have told me that they are always in this condition. The solar panels are powerful enough to leave no worries about electrical performance.”

Oasis Welfare Setup on Hospital Site Sustainable Site Welfare

This Oasis Welfare setup provides their busy site with high quality office and welfare facilities:

Ground floor units:

  • 1 Large Canteen with 16 seats
  • Large office with 3 desks
  • 2 Drying Rooms (silent overnight)
  • 4 Toilets (male or female)

First floor unit:

  • Effective meeting space with a separate office

Other key features include:

  • Impressive renewable power supply – 18 solar panels (across two units)
  • NEW solar hybrid technology (almost always silent)
  • Intelligent telemetry improves unit efficiency
  • Remote support and unit monitoring by our Service team
Oasis Welfare Setup on Hospital Site Sustainable Site Welfare

The units are expected to remain on site until autumn 2022, to continue supporting their busy site whilst the job completes.


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