Reducing Environmental Impact with Breheny Civil Engineering

When it comes to environmental projects, Breheny has over 30 years of experience and they have worked on many high-profile sites.

Carbon reduction and environmental footprint are a key focus, with increased use of renewable energy sources being put in place, wherever possible.

Their site at Hall Place, Bexley is working out of an Oasis EcoMax 400 two-storey instant start welfare setup, as specified by Project Manager Chris O’Brien. This hybrid LPG and solar powered two-storey welfare setup use EcoLogic technology, which not only ensures there is no diesel on site, but also significantly reduces carbon and particulate emissions, compared to other types of welfare units.

The EcoMax instant start welfare units provide spacious office facilities on site and a full canteen, plus a 24/7 drying room and toilet facilities to ensure staff have everything they need to run the project efficiently, and with minimal impact on the environment and the local community.

Reducing Environmental Impact with Breheny Civil Engineering

Key Features of the EcoMax 400:

Ground Floor Unit:

  • 1 Large Canteen with 12 seats
  • Sink, kettle, microwave and 40l drinking water
  • 24/7 drying Room (silent overnight)
  • 1 Toilet & Urinal – separate toilet with lockable door

First Floor Unit:

  • Large open plan meeting space
  • Separate office

Other key features include:

  • Hybrid technology – limited LPG generator operation
  • Advanced telemetry – remote monitoring from our Service Desk
  • Site specific curfew system – always silent overnight
  • Text/email alerts – available on request
  • Energy efficient and well insulated
Reducing Environmental Impact with Breheny Civil Engineering