Supply Chain Sustainability School: Oasis EcoLogic Welfare

Watch our NEW EcoLogic case study video from the Supply Chain School.

Oasis EcoLogic Case Study

Watch our NEW case study video from the Supply Chain Sustainability School featuring our Oasis EcoLogic Welfare range.

Mandy Messenger discusses the key innovations incorporated in to our Oasis EcoLogic Welfare range and the sustainability actions we have taken as a business, to positively impact our clients’ sites, the environment, their staff and the local community.

Advanté is a proud Partner and Gold Member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

The Supply Chain School is an important platform and resource, not only to develop sustainability within our company and our supply chain, but for the whole construction industry. If you are interested in becoming a Member or Partner, please visit the School’s website.

If you would like to find our more information about our Oasis EcoLogic or EcoMax static welfare ranges, please contact us.