Celebrating 61 Years

Today, Advanté celebrates 61 years in business. Thank you to all our staff, clients, suppliers and associates for your on-going support, especially during these challenging times.

Advante Birthday 61 years in business Oasis welfare units

Older and wiser…

Last year, Advanté reached the big 6 0 milestone, but we couldn’t celebrate due to entering our first national lockdown. At the start, many staff were furloughed, while a skeleton team worked hard to maintain “business as usual” under very unusual circumstances.  Staff returned to work and adapted to the new kind of normal, with many still working from home.

Despite the on-going challenges we have all faced during the pandemic, Team Advanté have adapted well to change and made some exciting announcements over the last 12 months.

Responded quickly to sites’ welfare needs

We launched the EcoLogic WashStation range, which focuses on the provision of hand washing and toilet facilities, with open plan “office” space to support social distancing and any covid-secure related activities on site. We also created a self-contained unit with three separate hand wash cubicles, powered by Solar and LPG, to meet the increased demand for hand washing, in addition to site welfare facilities.

Oasis welfare units were delivered to a number of COVID-19 testing sites, including Liverpool where a city-wide testing trial took place.

HS2 trials EcoLogic Solar welfare unit with CAGE technology

Advanté collaborated with OakTec Power Ltd and Sutton Power Engineering to develop a low emission, off-grid, electricity generation solution for our EcoLogic Solar welfare unit, specifically designed for the needs of HS2 construction and its maintenance contractors.

Stan Chapman, Advanté’s R&D Director, said:

“Delivering the first CAGE hybrid Oasis welfare unit to the HS2 trial is a huge milestone for our team at Advanté. The evolution of our Oasis welfare range is driven by the changing needs of the construction industry and we are extremely pleased to be taking another step forward in supporting net-zero carbon targets.

“The addition of OakTec’s CAGE generator and our new complete solar PV roof, takes our hybrid EcoLogic Solar welfare units to the next level in low carbon welfare provision.”

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Joining Modulaire Group

Just before Christmas, we announced the exciting news that we are now part of Modulaire Group – Modulaire Group have 250,000 accommodation units in their fleet and have businesses in 25 countries all over the world.

Mark Higson, Modulaire Group’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“I am delighted to welcome Advanté to Modulaire Group. Their technical innovation, high-quality service and industry leading environmental credentials have all contributed to Advanté’s position as a specialist brand focussing on welfare units in the UK. Management’s strong customer relationships mean they are well positioned for the significant opportunities that are emerging, particularly within the housebuilding and construction industries in the UK.”

Mandy Messenger, Advanté’s Managing Director, said:

“Our focus on innovation and close, long-term working relationships with our customers have been key to Advanté’s success and we are proud of the Oasis brand reputation. The investments we have made in recent years have improved our resilience and we are well placed to deliver on the many growth opportunities we see ahead of us. As part of Modulaire Group we look forward to realising our full potential.”

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An exciting year ahead…

We all know we are not out of the woods yet, but we do have a lot to look forward to in 2021.

This year also marks 23 years since the first Oasis Welfare unit.  As you can imagine, today’s welfare expectations have changed a lot since 1998. There is an increasing demand for instant start welfare that not only meets Health & Safety standards, but also promotes diversity, staff wellbeing, retention, being a good neighbour and kerb appeal.

The Oasis Welfare unit range is always evolving to meet the needs of the UK construction industry.

Oasis EcoLogic or EcoMax welfare units are available with larger office and/or meeting room space, as well as showers.  Each unit is powered by an economical hybrid LPG generator, battery storage and solar energy system designed to keep CO2 emissions and noise to a minimum. Advanced telemetry is used to ensure efficient, trouble-free welfare operation on site.

Advanté will continue to work closely with our Clients to lower their ESG impacts by supplying sustainable welfare, transport and modular building solutions, nationwide.

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Watch this space!



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