Considerate Constructors Scheme Supplier

We are committed to achieving best practice excellence and supporting the Considerate Constructor's Scheme (CCS) Code of Considerate Practice. This year is our fourth year registered as a CCS Supplier. Don't forget, your Oasis Welfare unit supports the Code of Considerate Practice too...

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Considerate Welfare Units for Considerate Constructors

As a registered Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) Supplier, we are committed to meeting the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice.  We aim to go beyond minimum compliance and take on board the feedback we receive from our Scheme Monitor Reports.

Oasis Welfare units are designed with Considerate Constructors in mind… Here are some key reasons why Oasis EcoLogic and EcoMax welfare units support Considerate Constructors on site:


  • Reduced Carbon Footprint:  Lower CO2 emissions using economical hybrid technology, LPG instead of diesel and renewable energy from solar panels.


  • Considerate Neighbours:  Limited generator operation during the day, silent overnight with fully operational heating and drying room facilities.


  • Enhanced Health & Safety:  Programmable heating, temperature controlled water and very low noise pollution with super-silent generator and minimal generator usage.


  • Respectful Appearance:  High quality, presentable welfare units that promote a positive & professional image of the construction industry.


  • Pleasant Working Environment:  Available in different layouts & sizes with large office and/or meeting room options available to enhance staff wellbeing and productivity.


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