Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy

Advanté has been working with Kier to deliver sustainable solar welfare units to their work on the net zero carbon expansion of Winterstoke Hundred Academy, in Weston-Super-Mare.

Winterstoke Hundred Academy Expansion – a Net Zero Carbon School

Delivering additional facilities including spacious classrooms and sports facilities, the Winterstoke Hundred Academy expansion is an exciting development for the secondary school due to be open in 2023. From the beginning of the project the client, North Somerset Council alongside Cabot Learning Federation, were keen to ensure their goal to be a Net Zero Carbon School was embraced and followed throughout the build program.

It is a challenge Kier’s Construction Project Manager Daryl Parker, has met head on, with a strong vision for meeting the Net Zero Carbon criteria.

“Where we can, we have made choices for plant and machinery based on their carbon and environmental footprint, and our initial welfare was one of them. I have used Advanté’s Oasis instant start welfare on sites before and this time they definitely met all the conditions I was looking for.”

Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy

Daryl chose two EcoLogic Solar units; a 1400 (canteen layout) and a 1700 (office layout). The office is set up as a complete office for three managers – with laptops, multiple screens, full printer, router, and even a coffee machine.

“We needed to be able to work on site immediately – and these units allowed that. When they arrived, the settings had already been put in place by the Advanté service team and the driver ensured that the units were up and running with all power and heating before leaving.”


Sustainable welfare. Substantial carbon reductions

Each unit has a full solar array on the roof, which uses hybrid technology to deliver the power for the electrical loads inside. A small LPG system is used for heating and to top up the batteries if required.  Controls and monitoring are done via the units’ advanced telemetry ensuring the most efficient use of available power and silent running at key times.

During the hire the site has saved over 9 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to standard diesel welfare units* with over 82% of the units’ electricity being supplied at no carbon cost over the 4 month winter hire.

Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy
Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy
Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy

“So quiet – it feels like we are connected to the grid”

Daryl explains the benefits for his team as well as the site:

“It feels as though we are connected to the grid. There is no compromise on our office equipment, the units are always warm which is essential this time of year, and there was very little background generator noise – which is a real bonus for us, as well as our neighbours.”

Oasis instant start welfare units have always been at the forefront of sustainable technology, and Advanté are delighted to be working with Kier offering the most efficient welfare for their needs, as well as helping them meet their safety, social and environmental goals.

On site with Kier in front of EcoLogic Solar Welfare Units

EcoLogic Solar – Market Leading Welfare

The Oasis EcoLogic Solar range is completely self-contained, static welfare units each with a drying room and two toilets that will provide instant start welfare facilities for up to 25 staff.

EcoLogic 1400 Solar provides a large canteen area.

EcoLogic 1700 Solar provides an office area for 3 people.

A split canteen/office option is also available (EcoLogic 1750 Solar)

Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy
Delivering EcoLogic Solar to Winterstoke Hundred Academy

Industry recognition for EcoLogic Solar

*All site data taken from 24/9/2021 to 18/01/2022

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