EcoLogic 1400: Social Distancing in the Canteen

We identified the safe zones in the canteen, so that staff can maintain a safe distance from each other during breaks.

EcoLogic 1400 canteen with social distancing

ecologic 1400 logo

Enough space for 5 in the Canteen + much more

  • 2 Toilets with separate external access
  • 3 Sinks with hot & cold running water
  • 5 Staff can be seated with social distancing
  • Fully self-contained unit
  • Size 9.75m x 2.7m (32x9ft)

Don’t forget, our 32′ EcoLogic welfare units give you the option to create IN- and OUT- access. Furniture can also be tailored to your individual requirements.

Contact our team today for a quotation or visit our Oasis Welfare page to view all the unit options available.

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