EcoLogic Solar – Delivering Real Results

A message from our Managing Director, Mandy Messenger, announcing the release of our impressive solar statistics...

Our EcoLogic Solar range launched in January 2021 and soon received industry recognition for their hybrid solar innovation and the potential these Oasis welfare units could offer sites in terms of reducing their carbon footprint, operating mainly silent running and improving air quality.

Today, on #CleanAirDay I am proud to release the hugely positive results from all our solar sites to date.  Whilst we knew in theory they had great potential, we now know how they really perform.

These real life results, taken over the 17 months since launch includes every site, all types of works, varying numbers of staff, all weathers – the variables have been vast; and they have performed brilliantly!

The data is taken directly from the telemetry systems installed in all our welfare units across the UK. The data covers usage over the best part of two winters, proving they are capable of impressive solar gain and energy efficiency all year round.

Moving forward our fleet investment programme supports the construction industry’s commitment to Net Zero targets and high quality welfare for staff. Our results illustrate how we continue to meet and deliver REAL results for all.

Mandy Messenger

Managing Director
Advanté Limited

Oasis UK Ecologic Solar silent-running welfare units by Oasis
32ft EcoLogic Solar Oasis Welfare Unit
EcoMax Solar welfare unit setup
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