EcoLogic welfare unit to Bath Abbey Footprint

Working together with isoenergy to deliver an EcoLogic welfare unit to the Bath Abbey Footprint Project, at the centre of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

EcoLogic welfare unit delivered to Bath Abbey Footprint Project
EcoLogic welfare unit delivered to Bath Abbey Footprint Project

Bath Abbey Footprint Project

Imagine working 7m underground in Bath’s Roman Great Drain, on an archaeological site that dates back to 1st Century AD.  A stone’s throw away from the world-famous Roman Baths and Abbey. You need a welfare unit…

For the Engineers at isoenergy, this is a reality.  Their work is part of the multi-million Footprint project to provide sustainable underfloor heating to Bath Abbey.  The Engineers are installing heat exchangers in the Great Drain to extract geothermal energy from the hot springs.  Waste water from the Roman Baths will provide a natural energy source to the Abbey.

However, their work cannot begin without suitable welfare facilities.  Staff need a self-contained welfare unit positioned at the centre of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, where mains services are not available.  A comfortable space to work out of and rest in with facilities that have a low impact on the environment, residents, and local businesses.

Oasis Welfare Delivery

isoenergy hired an Oasis EcoLogic 1850 for this project.  This 32ft instant start welfare unit has a separate Office, Canteen, Drying Room, Shower and 2 Toilets.

EcoLogic welfare units are powered by a hybrid LPG generator and solar panels, to reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution and running costs. They are mainly silent-running. The ‘super-silent’ generator is only required to run for a short period to recharge the unit, before switching back to silent mode. A generator curfew is set to prevent any noise at undesirable times of day and all through the night.  Limited generator running hours significantly reduces carbon emissions on site.

The site location presented some challenges.  The welfare unit needed to be lifted in to position on a narrow road with buildings either side.  Ground pressures also had to be taken into consideration, given the historic nature of the area. A site visit, followed by a test lift at the depot and site-specific RAMS were completed by an Advanté Appointed Person, for isoenergy’s approval.

Two of Advanté’s highly experienced Operators completed the delivery to site in under 2 hours.  One flat bed lorry was used to transport the welfare unit to site, while an 80t/m lorry loader crane was used to conduct the lift on reduced width stabiliser positions, using the stability control feature of the crane.  Large outrigger pads were used to reduce ground pressure and the welfare unit was lifted directly over the front of the cab and in to position, using the unit’s low-level lifting eyes. Everything went as planned.

Before leaving site, the Operator performs a walk-around of the EcoLogic welfare unit to ensure a smooth handover. The result?  A very happy client.

Feedback from isoenergy:

“The engineers are extremely happy with the welfare unit; the delivery was on time and the drivers were professional. From the start of the sales consultation right through to delivery has been more than satisfactory. We would recommend using you again and would be looking for quotes in the future.”

If you would like more information about isoenergy and their work on the Footprint Project, please visit their website.

If you need an Oasis Welfare unit for an upcoming project, you’re in the right place.

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