Encourage hand hygiene with Oasis® WashStation

One of our solutions to encouraging hygiene and supporting an increased demand for hand washing on site. Our Oasis® WashStation provides separate, additional hand wash cubicles in one standalone unit that is powered by Solar & LPG.

Oasis EcoLogic WashStation unit powered by Solar and LPG

Oasis WashStation:  A Solar Powered Hand Wash Unit

Washing our hands and keeping our distance has become almost second nature. Site welfare is more important than ever, with an increased demand for suitable welfare facilities on site.

Sometimes you just need to wash your hands.

More often than not, the only hand wash basins available are with the toilets and if workers are washing their hands more frequently, these facilities are affected.  Toilet queues become longer and the waste tanks begin to fill up quicker.

To support our Clients’ sites during COVID-19 and help reduce transmission of the virus, we created the WashStation unit to provide separate handwashing facilities that will not impact on other toilet or welfare facilities already on site.

What is a WashStation unit?

The WashStation unit is completely self-contained, like other Oasis instant start welfare units, but with three separate cubicles for handwashing.

The unit is powered by renewable energy from solar panels and LPG is used to heat the water. Without a generator, the unit is silent running and low in carbon emissions. It’s smaller size (2.5m x 2.6m) makes it easy to position and it is ready to be used once delivered to site.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced carbon footprint & running costs
  • Powered by Solar & LPG = low CO2 emissions
  • No generator = silent unit operation
  • PIR controlled LED lighting = on/off sensor detection
  • Occupied light = visible external indicator
  • Full forearm basins = wash from hand to elbow
  • Non-touch soap dispenser = improved hygiene control
  • Foot operated taps = reduced water waste
  • Controlled water temperature = NHS approved setting

Oasis Building Site Welfare Cabin Units

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In addition to the WashStation…

We created the WashStation range to include two flexible unit options that also support social distancing and safer site operating procedures. Alternative uses for these units include temperature testing, first aid and site entry or induction points.

Choose from the following:

  • WashStation = 3 x hand wash
  • WashStation +1 = 3 x hand wash and 1 toilet
  • WashStation 1+1 = 3 x hand wash and 2 toilets

Don’t forget, each WashStation unit incorporates our proven EcoLogic technology, designed to minimise the impact on community and environment by reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution.

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