Environment & Sustainability

The Environment is high on everyone’s agenda and at Advanté we are no different.

The impact of our welfare units on the Environment was already at the forefront of our thinking when designing the first Oasis unit in 1997, by deciding to utilise LPG generators to power our welfare units instead of diesel generators to reduce our Clients’ Carbon Footprint.

Our EcoLogic and EcoMax ranges offer the latest generation of innovative, low carbon welfare units, designed to give our Clients significant environmental and social benefits, as well as impressive energy and cost saving gains.

In April 2004 we had our Integrated Management System registered by BSI, which also includes the registration for ISO 14001. This has resulted in a clear focus and understanding of our Legal and other requirements. Through this process Advanté have:

  • measured waste streams and type (and have reduced our hazardous waste streams by up to 90%!)
  • measured its carbon footprint
  • developed innovative new technologies for the reduction of traffic movements
  • implemented remote monitoring of units
  • selected materials and suppliers on their environmental performance and benefits to the business
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ISO 14001

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Frequently Asked Questions

What alternative environmentally friendly fuel sources is Advanté currently using?

LPG Gas and Solar. LPG has been our fuel of choice since 1998 when we launched the Oasis range, as it significantly reduces our Clients’ carbon footprint when compared to diesel.

How do we manage our carbon footprint at Advanté? Are we able to demonstrate that this has been reduced across our business?

Advanté are developing a sustainability programme aimed at reducing not just our carbon footprint but also our waste streams as a direct result of increased recycling and re-use of materials and waste streams. Our Carbon footprint has been calculated since September 2010 with continued reductions year on year since then. Two examples of how we have reduced our carbon footprint: Firstly, we introduced measures to reduce our waste which has resulted in a 50% reduction in our waste skips. Secondly, the telemetry which has been introduced on our units allows us to service based on actual generator running hours and also gives us early warnings of potential problems – through increased efficiency in generator servicing and by reacting to telemetry early warnings we have been able to significantly reduce our engineer call-outs, reducing our traffic movements and as a result, our carbon footprint.

What initiatives has Advanté taken to ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable products are used and promoted within our business?

We are BSI registered for ISO 14001. Ensuring legal compliance throughout our supply chain and engaging suppliers in the management of associated waste schemes such as re-use, recycling or packaging minimisation.

This is supported by our R&D activities in the design influence of reducing operating impacts linked with welfare units such as LPG generators, telemetry systems for remote monitoring and increasing service life of unit components.

Our use and supply of batteries is controlled so that batteries are tested and refilled to extend working life and prevent disposal. Waste oil is collected and recycled by our supply chain and units are managed through the use of our telemetry system to reduce the volume of service van mileage and unnecessary servicing therefore reducing waste streams including oil, filters, CO2 emissions and packaging materials.

Our ISO 14001 programme ensures that suppliers are evaluated prior to inclusion on our supply chain with specific questions aimed at environmental performance, policy, actions and controls of products/services supplied. The evaluation is then reviewed and assessed and an annual appraisal and review is conducted based on performance provided and changes or improvements within their operations in relation to improvements, environmental programmes and changes in legislation.

We undertake 3rd party audits on certain elements of our supply chain including ensuring our Duty of Care requirements are met with copies of all necessary certificates, licences and consignment notes being maintained on file.

Does Advanté have any targets addressing efficient use of resources (reduce, reuse and recycling of resources) in production of accommodation?

Advanté have a range of sustainability goals for the construction, use and end life of units which include the use of certain materials, painting and maintenance activities which reduce operating maintenance requirements and therefore servicing which reduces CO2 outputs, telemetry systems for remote monitoring which again reduces CO2 from a reduction in servicing mileage and increases the operational life of components such as generators reducing the need for replacement and increasing service intervals.

What is Advanté’s timber policy?

Our Oasis welfare units only contain very minimal timber products. We source timber products with a PEFC ticket, wherever possible.