Going for Gold…

We are extremely proud to have reached Silver status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Our next step? Gold, of course! 

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge and resources.  Advanté has engaged with the School since 2016 by attending training and networking events, accessing various training resources and completing e-learning models.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.  We incorporated advanced telemetry in to our EcoLogic unit range to improve fuel efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and keep generator noise levels to a minimum.  Solar panels are also fitted to provide additional emission-free power and site-specific generator curfews can be set, to reduce impact on both the community and environment.

Our involvement with the Supply Chain Sustainability School has supported us in our aims of meeting our Clients’ sustainability requirements.  We aim to go the extra mile when delivering Oasis welfare units to their sites and continue innovating our Oasis welfare range in the future.

Supply Chain Sustainability School member silver

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