He Shoots, He Scores…

Our very own Matt Oaten, from Finance, and his teammates at St John's Deaf Football Club, are in the mix to becoming European Champions!

Today for one week, the southern winners of the England Deaf Football League, St John’s Deaf Football Club are heading to Greece and playing against the best Deaf Football teams in Europe. They are one of two clubs representing England, St. John’s and their northern counterpart the Washington AFC.

When asked how he was feeling about taking part in the Deaf Champions League, Matt said:

“I’m very excited as we worked so hard to get there. Winning the EDF Challenge is a huge milestone for me and my team.”

Our talented Matt is also part of the England Deaf National Team. He recently went to Portugal to attend a week long training camp in the preparation for the Deaf World Cup, which will be held in South Korea in 2023.  For more updates on how the England Deaf National team are doing with qualifying, visit the England Football Club.

We are really excited for Matt and we are wishing him the best at the Deaf Champions League tournament.

Good luck from us all at Advanté.

Advante staff member headed for England European Deaf Football Champions League
Matt England
Matt England
Matt England
Matt England
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