Instant Carbon Saving at Avery Hill

Willmott Dixon’s ‘NOW or NEVER’ sustainability strategy is focused on enhancing people’s lives, communities and the environment. Here’s how Oasis EcoLogic Solar welfare units have been reducing carbon at their Avery Hill construction site…

Reducing Carbon with Willmott Dixon at Avery Hill

In their mission to becoming a zero-carbon company by 2030, Willmott Dixon have been pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction throughout each stage of their project delivery.

Before work could start on their Avery Hill site in South East London, Willmott Dixon’s Build team needed temporary welfare in place, whilst their permanent site accommodation was being installed. They required instant start welfare and office facilities from day one to avoid any project delays.

To ensure their choice of self-contained site welfare supported Willmott Dixon’s ‘NOW or NEVER’ aims, the team at Avery Hill  ordered three Oasis EcoLogic Solar welfare units to meet their day-to-day welfare and office needs. However, the level of solar gain that could be achieved with trees on site was unknown…


Map of Avery Hill London

Why Oasis EcoLogic Solar?

EcoLogic Solar are the next-generation of Oasis welfare units, incorporating Advante’s latest solar and hybrid technology.  Currently, there are three options to choose from with each 32ft welfare unit including a 24/7 drying room and two toilets, with a choice of split office/canteen, large canteen, or large office with kitchen facilities.

At Avery Hill, we supplied two EcoLogic 1400 Solar welfare units and one EcoLogic 1700 Solar welfare unit.  This provided site with 2 large canteens with 32 seats, a large office with 3 desks, 3 drying rooms with benches and clothing hooks, 9 full forearm hand wash basins/sinks and 6 separate toilet cubicles. Other key features include:

  • 27 solar panels (across 3 units) = impressive renewable power supply
  • NEW hybrid solar technology
  • Minimal reliance on the generator (mainly silent)
  • Intelligent telemetry improves unit efficiency
  • Support and remote monitoring from our Service team


Discover Oasis Welfare Willmott Dixon site Avery Hill with EcoLogic Solar welfare units

Solar Success:  Energy, Carbon and Noise

After their six week hire the Build team at Avery Hill expressed that they were extremely impressed with the units’ solar technology, reduced fuel costs and low noise.


“We’re really impressed with these new EcoLogic Solar units, especially with how little gas we used. Working in the office without any noise in the background was a big bonus too.”

– Jason Elphick, Senior Building Manager


Despite some partial shade from nearby trees, the welfare units still managed to achieve substantial carbon and fuel savings. Site were able to enjoy silent welfare and office facilities due to the increased solar gain, as well as the following sustainability benefits:

Oasis EcoLogic 1700 floorplan

Energy Saving

  • 94% average carbon-free electrical power supply.
  • Total energy saved = 1233 miles in an electric car (Nissan Leaf).
  • Total solar energy generated = powering an average house for 72 days.

Fuel Saving

  • Fuel efficient. No gas exchange required during the 39-day hire period.
  • No gas deliveries = further carbon and cost saving.
  • 19% less carbon emissions with LPG compared to diesel.

Noise Saving

  • Always silent-running on solar energy
  • Curfew system prevented noise overnight = happy neighbours
  • 24/7 drying room facilities (also silent overnight)
Avery Hill Park and Trees

Delivery and Collection

Advanté’s expert team conducted a seamless delivery and collection with our specialist fleet of low emission Euro 6 and FORS Gold accredited lorry loaders. Our vehicles have mounted FASSI cranes, front levelling legs and large outrigger mats to ensure maximum safety when conducting lifts on site.

The three 32ft static welfare units were transported and lifted into position on site, followed by a walk-around of the units to ensure facilities are up and running straight away.


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Willmott Dixon site Avery Hill with EcoLogic Solar welfare units
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