Making Waves Together

‘Making waves together’ reflects Advanté’s internal strategy to create a better construction industry through sustainable innovation and successful industry collaboration. It underpins our vision of an inclusive, impactful staff, client and supply chain network.

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So much more than just welfare…

Advanté aims to create a better Construction Industry for all, through successful collaboration and sustainable innovation.

Our product and service innovation has always been at the heart of Advanté and are fundamental drivers for our company’s success to date.

Advanté pioneered instant start welfare for construction sites in 1998 and continues to be a market leader  in self-contained welfare units, through the Oasis Welfare range.

The vast majority of Oasis Welfare‘s earliest adopters are still using Oasis units for their site welfare today, demonstrating our commitment to developing effective solutions that suit our clients’ ever-changing welfare needs.

Oasis Welfare Unit EcoLogic Solar

Reaching for Net Zero

Today’s climate emergency is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today. The UK Government is committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 in order to tackle this global issue; driving some organisations to set even shorter targets.

We work closely with our clients to support their ESG Sustainability challenges and reporting.  Our product and service innovation works towards positively impacting, not only on the environment, but people too.

  • Oasis Welfare incorporates hybrid and solar technology to limit generator use and reduce carbon and noise further. We use intelligent telematics to ensure trouble-free operation and optimise energy efficiency. We’ve also used LPG as a greener alternative to Diesel since 1998.
  • Oasis PowerStation – Our award-winning multi battery charging unit supports cable-free and emission-free works on site, by providing a safe battery charging environment, designed to re-charge power packs, cordless tools, devices and electric vehicles.
  • Advanté Transport – Our specialist lifting and transport team are Euro 6 low emission compliant and FORS Gold accredited.

Oasis Welfare

Since the launch of the first Oasis unit in 1998, the Oasis Welfare range has evolved in response to our clients’ ever-changing needs. Some of our key innovations are incorporated in to our Oasis EcoLogic and EcoMax welfare ranges:

  • Oasis EcoLogic & EcoMax Welfare – Our highly energy efficient welfare units with intelligent telemetry system and hybrid solar power system, limits generator use; significantly reducing noise and CO² emissions.
  • EcoLogic Solar – Our latest innovation in hybrid solar technology takes Oasis Welfare to the next level in the provision of low carbon welfare units.  Solar gain is achievable all-year-round meaning up to 100% of the unit’s electrical power can come directly from solar.
  • EcoLogic WashStation – In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we focused on the provision of hand washing and toilet facilities, with open plan “office” space to support social distancing and any covid-related activities on site, such as temperature testing.

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Oasis EcoLogic welfare units in Basildon Depot
Oasis powerstation unit in depot

Oasis PowerStation

Oasis PowerStation has been designed to provide a safe battery charging environment that facilitates a cable-free site by eradicating the need for temporary electrics; reducing trip hazards caused by trailing cables.

The Oasis PowerStation supports the UK’s net zero carbon targets by promoting emission-free works on construction sites.

The Oasis PowerStation demonstrates what can be achieved through successful collaboration and innovation, in order to benefit the whole construction industry.

Supply Chain Sustainability School

Advanté is a Gold Member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS), a collaborative platform.

Advanté joined SCSS as Partner in 2019 to support wider sustainability aims (environmental, social and economic).

We utilise the School’s vast array of FREE resources to fast-track our learning and work collaboratively with a cross section of likeminded, enthusiastic people.

We joined the SCSS Homes and Construction Leadership Groups, Plant Category Group, Wellbeing Special Interest Group and School Operations Group to assist in widening School’s perspective.

Supply Chain Sustainability School gold and member

Innovative Future Leaders

Advanté has been selected as one of 12 participants in launch of SECBE’s Innovative Future Leaders Programme (IFLP). Working with experts inside and outside of the construction industry to challenge thinking in innovative ways.

This collaborative programme helps Advanté to gain more insight into the latest, successful thinking in management skills needed to further grow an impactful network.

One outcome of setting up this network is working together to address the industry’s skills shortage with innovative solutions, by attracting a diverse workforce and removing barriers to make the industry better for all.

SECBE Innovative Future Leaders programme