Meet The Team – Derek Graham

As part of our Meet the Team series, as we continue to celebrate 25 years of Oasis Welfare, this month we meet Driver and Lorry Loader Operator, Derek Graham, who has been with Advante for 15 years...

Derek Graham – Driver & Lorry Loader Operator

What is your role at Advanté? LGV1 Driver, Lorry Loader Operator

How long have you worked at Advanté?  15 years.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love being out on the road, plus no two days are the same.

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Spain. I’ve always liked Spain. It holds a special place in my heart. I used to drive lorries abroad, and when driving across country borders like Europe, you get a small taste of the countries you are travelling through. Then when you visit, it’s exactly what you thought it was. Spain didn’t disappoint.

Do you have any pets? No pets, I’m afraid.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has given you? Admit to your mistakes. I cannot remember who told me, but it stuck with me all these years.

Derek Graham
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