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10 Reasons Why We Love EcoLogic (& You Should, Too!)

30 October 2017

Do you need a welfare set-up that ticks all the boxes? An EcoLogic unit can provide all the facilities needed from day one! Here are 10 reasons why Oasis EcoLogic Welfare benefits everyone..

  • Lower costs per person: EcoLogic units with two toilets and can cater for up to 25 people from a H&S point of view, which could save you up to 50%.
  • Enhanced Health & Safety: Noise reduction, less generator running hours, 24/7 drying room, programmable heating and mercury-free lighting.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: LPG units have lower carbon emissions compared with diesel powered units and there is no risk of diesel spillage, water table contamination or particulates in exhaust emissions.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Double glazed windows, high level insulation and insulated window shutters, PIR controlled lighting and EcoLogic technology that requires low user intervention so that unit can operate at best environmental level.
  • Advanced Telemetry System: Our advanced telemetry system allows us to remotely monitor our units on hire and gives us the ability to identify a potential future problem before it occurs.
  • Renewable Energy & Resources: Solar power is incorporated in to the EcoLogic unit design and only sustainable timber is used throughout the manufacture.
  • Water Saving Features: To help conserve water and avoid flooding, non-percussive taps are installed in the units to reduce water waste.
  • A Range of Options Available: EcoLogic units with two toilets can cater for a male and female split on site.
  • Carbon Statements: Accurate carbon statements can be provided for all EcoLogic units at the end of each hire and provide details on LPG usage during hire, CO2 emissions and running costs.
  • Points towards Considerate Constructors and PQQs: EcoLogic Welfare has been designed with safety, environment, sustainability, cleanliness, respect, being a good neighbour, respect and responsibility in mind.

If you would like further information or a quote for an EcoLogic unit, please call 01268 280500 or email

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Do you need a welfare set-up that ticks all the boxes? An EcoLogic unit can provide all the facilities needed from day one Here are 10 reasons why EcoLogic welfare benefits everyone..

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