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21 August 2018

If connecting to services is too costly or time consuming, our Vision range offers the solution by providing your site with an instant start 2+1 toilet block that is self-contained & caters for large numbers of staff..

  • Telemetry System – Alerts are transmitted to our Service Department who can monitor your unit, leaving you with trouble-free operation.
  • Generator Fuel – The generator is fitted with a long running fuel tank, reducing the risks involved with fuel transfer.
  • Safe fixed entry stairs – We have developed stairs that slide out and lock in position instead of hooked on or freestanding, making them very safe and unable to move.
  • Two clear sides – Access to the units is only needed to two sides of the unit; many units need accessing on three or four sides, which limits positioning of the unit on site.


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7 November 2018

We are extremely proud to have reached Silver status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Our next step? Gold, of course!

31 October 2018

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