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Welfare with Men and Women in mind

15 March 2018

Did you know all our 32ft Oasis EcoLogic welfare units have two toilets?

Women working in construction is increasing year on year, highlighting the need for suitable welfare on site.

In line with HSE guidelines, Oasis instant start welfare units are designed to provide adequate welfare facilities for both men and women.

Construction sites must provide a suitable number of toilets depending on the number of men and women working on site.  A recent survey carried out by 3,500 Unite members has revealed that almost one in five construction sites did not provide separate washroom facilities for male and female staff.

Oasis instant start welfare has always been designed with women in mind by addressing the need for separate lockable washroom facilities.

All our 32ft Oasis EcoLogic welfare units have two separate toilet cubicles, which can provide suitable toilet facilities for larger workforces, whilst ensuring both male and female staff are catered for on site. 

Advanté works with Clients to develop and supply the best welfare to their construction sites.  We will continue to address health and safety issues, whilst supplying welfare that provides a positive environment to all construction site workers.

If you want to discuss the best Oasis welfare unit for your workforce on site, call us today on 01268 280500 or email

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