Oasis Welfare supports covid testing in Liverpool

The whole city of Liverpool is participating in a coronavirus testing pilot that aims to save lives and prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

Continuing to do our bit as England faces second lockdown.

Oasis welfare units have been spotted on BBC News at one of the COVID-19 test sites in Liverpool. Liverpool city was placed under Tier 3 restrictions prior to the national lockdown, due to having one of the highest COVID-19 death rates in the country. Multiple test centres have been set up in various places across the city, including universities, schools and care homes. The city-wide testing trial is due to last two weeks, but could continue for longer.

Oasis units covid test centre Liverpool

Credit:  Image courtesy of the BBC.


On this particular site, Liverpool Council required several instant start welfare units that could be adapted for coronavirus test purposes. They have chosen our 32ft EcoLogic welfare units, including one complete EcoMax setup.

Both the EcoLogic and EcoMax ranges offer flexible layout options when it comes to choosing welfare units. They both include a large open plan office space with kitchen facilities, in addition to drying room and toilet facilities.

Not your average welfare unit…

EcoLogic and EcoMax welfare units offer many eco and operational benefits on site.

  • Instant start facilities – Completely self-contained welfare unit
  • Low CO2 emissions – Powered by hybrid LPG generator & solar
  • Low noise – Silent overnight and most of the day
Look inside ecomax

Advante Modular and AV Welfare Building Units

More hand wash facilities

All Oasis welfare units include at least three hand wash areas (sinks/basins), including our ‘hand wash only’ unit, the WashStation.  This self-contained unit houses 3 separate hand wash cubicles and is powered by solar & LPG (no generator).

Oasis Building Site Welfare Cabin Units

So much more than just welfare…

For more information about the Oasis welfare unit range, download our brochures or contact our team today.

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