Oasis Welfare Units That Love Your Site

Love is in the Welfare...

From our EcoLogic Solar Welfare to EcoLogic Hybrid Welfare, we have an array of welfare units that will suit your site. Single and double-stacked welfare that your staff and neighbours will love.

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Hybrid Technology
  • Intelligent Telemetry
  • 95.2% Renewable Carbon-Free Electricity
  • 98.7% Silent Running
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Enhanced Work Environment


High Quality Welfare Facilities

  • Office/Canteen Options
  • 24/7 Drying Room
  • Two Toilets in one 32ft unit
  • Shower Options
  • Efficient Workspace
Oasis Welfare Units Oasis Welfare Building Construction Site Units Advante Oasis Static Welfare Units

Double-Stacked Welfare With All the Benefits of EcoLogic Solar

Ground floor: You can choose your preferred welfare layout on the ground floor. This will include office and/or canteen facilities, a 24/7 drying room and 2 toilets.

First floor: Benefit from the additional office and/or meeting space in your upstairs unit by providing a positive work environment for your staff and visitors.

Oasis Welfare Units Oasis Welfare Building Construction Site

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