Happy Stakeholders

We recognise that there are many interested parties involved with every project, who will have an interest in the successful provision of welfare for your site and all your stakeholders are carefully considered and looked after in your dealings with Advanté.

Your buyer It is our firm belief that your Buyer should only have to get involved twice with a hire, once to on-hire and the second time to off-hire. Any other issues which may arise from time to time are generally dealt with directly between your Site Manager and our Client Support Team.
Your site manager We recognise the importance from your Site Manager’s point of view to have a reliable and comfortable unit on site allowing him to concentrate on the project in hand.
Your site staff Your site staff rightly expect clean, comfortable, reliable and good quality welfare accommodation on site to provide their welfare facilities. Our extensive range of Oasis® units meets all requirements and provides pleasant welfare accommodation.
Your contracts manager We are able to support the Contracts Manager by providing a range of reports assisting him to monitor site expenditure and prelims. We can provide monthly reports giving a detailed breakdown of all equipment on hire by site or operating company, also indicating any prelim overruns, if you advise us initially of the expected hire durations.
Your safety manager Your Safety Manager’s objective is to provide suitable welfare facilities on site for everyone, which is fully operational at all times and meets or indeed exceeds all current Health & Safety Welfare legislation.
Your Environmental/ Carbon manager Reduction of your Carbon Footprint is on top of everyone’s agenda. Both our EcoLogic and WelGen range will give you significants benefits in reducing your Carbon emissions when compared with diesel powered welfare units.
Considerate Constructors, Planning departments and the community you work in
  • Considerate Constructor
  • Environment
  • Cleanliness
  • Good Neighbour
  • Respectful
  • Safe
  • Responsible and accountable