An increasing number of sites are now required to include shower facilities as part of their welfare.  Our EcoLogic 1850 provides a complete site welfare set-up with office, canteen, drying room, 2 toilets and a shower.  

  • Office
  • Canteen
  • Drying Room
  • Shower
  • 2 Toilets

The unit has been designed with a number of environmentally friendly features: 

  • Double glazed windows
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Use of renewable energy and resources
  • Water saving features
  • Reduced noise levels

Office area

The office area is light and spacious and provides a pleasant working environment. It has two windows, giving the site manager a good view of the site from inside the office.


Peace of mind for your site through the telemetry system fitted to this unit. We remotely monitor generator oil and waste levels, allowing us to respond to a potential problem, before it actually occurs! 

Other Models:

EcoLogic 1750


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