If you are looking for an instant start welfare unit with a large Drying Room and Toilet facilities that will benefit from our EcoLogic technology, this is our solution.  The EcoLogic 200 will provide you with the following:

  • Large Drying Room
  • Worktop and sink
  • Benches and hooks
  • 1 Toilet
  • 1 Urinal

The unit has been designed with a number of environmentally friendly features: 

  • Double glazed windows
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Use of renewable energy and resources
  • Water saving features
  • Reduced noise levels


Peace of mind for your site through the telemetry system fitted to this unit. We remotely monitor generator oil and waste levels, allowing us to respond to a potential problem, before it actually occurs! 

Other Models:

EcoLogic 250


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