Static Welfare for Agile Working across all locations

In today's world of agile working, the need for flexible, reconfigurable welfare spaces is greater than ever.

Our Oasis® Welfare units are a game changer for your project planning. They allow you to have a productive and efficient workforce in place as soon as needed.

We provide static welfare for agile working across all locations in Housebuilding, Construction, Highways, Infrastructure, and Utility sites. Oasis Welfare units allow greater flexibility and reduce logistical restraints.

Here are a few ways how we can help…

  • EcoLogic Solar and EcoMax Solar deliver a sustainable way to work in all locations. From remote and satellite sites to town centres – and town centres with Ultra Low Emission Zones.
  • Instant Start Welfare that gives immediate work; there’s no need to wait for temporary power or water connections You can get work started straight away.
  • Plus, various layouts allow any combination of welfare on site – from EcoMax Solar double-stack welfare catering for a larger workforce to 24ft EcoLogic Solar


Static Welfare for Agile Working across all locations Welfare for Agile Working
Oasis Welfare Units Oasis Welfare Building Construction Site
32ft EcoLogic Solar Welfare Units Oasis Cabins Welfare for Agile Working

Additionally, our Oasis® PowerStation and Vision Instant Start allow further flexibility.

Our award-winning PowerStation provides a safe battery charging environment, that facilitates a cable-free site and supports emission-free works. It’s your one-stop solution for charging tools and machinery. Vision is our toilet block range offering the solution of toilet facilities for up to 60 staff, or separate facilities for both men and women on site.

Static Welfare for Agile Working across all locations
Static Welfare for Agile Working across all locations

With a variety of units for all your site needs, let us help you Find Your Oasis Welfare units.

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