Together We Can Reach Net Zero

Today, UK contractors are debating carbon reduction at the COP26 climate summit... but what are we doing to reduce carbon on your site?

With a firm focus on the construction industry achieving net zero in the midst of COP26, we want to remind you how our Oasis EcoLogic Instant Start Welfare can help you achieve huge carbon savings on site.

Both our EcoLogic and EcoLogic Solar welfare units incorporate renewable energy as part of their hybrid power solutions. Our NEW EcoLogic Solar technology is capable of delivering up to 100% solar energy to power the unit.

EcoLogic Welfare
  • Solar panels on every unit
  • Limited generator (mainly silent)
  • Hybrid LPG generator = 19% less carbon than diesel, when running
  • Telemetry system with remote monitoring and noise curfew

EcoLogic Solar Welfare

  • Increased solar array
  • Delivering up to 100% renewable energy (not just in the summer)
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Impressive reduction in fuel usage
  • Silent-running on solar power
COP26 globe graphic
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