Welfare Unit vs Oasis Unit: What’s the difference?

With the ever-increasing demand for high quality welfare facilities on construction sites that go beyond the minimum health, safety and environmental requirements – we decided to ask ourselves a few simple questions…

What is a welfare unit?

A welfare unit, often referred to as an “oasis unit” or “site welfare cabin” is a portable facility commonly used on construction sites or other temporary work locations to provide essential amenities and services for workers. Welfare units are designed to improve the wellbeing, health, and safety of workers by offering a range of facilities that contribute to their comfort and hygiene.

Typical features of a welfare unit may include:

  • Toilets: Clean and functioning toilet facilities to ensure proper sanitation for workers.
  • Washing Facilities: Sinks with running water for handwashing and cleaning.
  • Rest Area: Seating and rest spaces for workers to take breaks, make drinks and have meals.
  • Drinking Water: Access to clean and safe drinking water.
  • Drying & Changing Room: Especially important in wet or cold conditions, a drying room allows workers to dry their clothes and PPE and change into their work attire.
  • Heating and Ventilation: Climate control systems to ensure a comfortable environment.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting for the unit’s interior, especially during darker hours.
Welfare Unit vs Oasis Unit: What’s the difference?

Why do you need a welfare unit?

Welfare for construction works is both a fundamental necessity and legal obligation.  HSE guidance states that everyone who works on a construction site should have access to toilets and facilities for washing, changing, eating and rest.

High quality site welfare provision not only set the project’s tone, but also demonstrate a commitment to meeting the needs of the workers.

Welfare units should ensure that workers have a suitable and hygienic environment during their working hours. They play an important role in maintaining the wellbeing of construction site personnel and supporting their overall productivity.

Contractors must provide suitable welfare for their workforce on site, and Clients should make certain this happens.  Principal Contractors also have a duty to ensure welfare is provided from the start of a project and through to the end.

The first Oasis unit launched in 1998, in response to a client who faced delays starting work due to changing Health & Safety regulations for construction sites.

Welfare Unit vs Oasis Unit: What’s the difference?

What is an Oasis unit? 

An Oasis unit is a completely self-contained, static welfare unit that offers contractors across the UK an all-in-one “instant start” welfare solution.

Each unit contains canteen, drying, changing and toilet facilities. Most Oasis units also include comfortable office or meeting space, and some have the option of a shower too.

On sites where it isn’t possible to connect to mains electric or other services, an Oasis unit from Advanté ensures sites can begin works straight away, saving both time and money.

Oasis units are a popular choice for many Industry, Construction, Housebuilding, Highways, Utilities and Infrastructure projects, due to the comprehensive delivery and service provided by Advanté.

Welfare Unit vs Oasis Unit: What’s the difference?

Sustainable, Static Welfare Units

All Oasis welfare units offer high quality and sustainable site welfare facilities that are designed to minimise environmental impact, enhance staff wellbeing, and have a positive impact on the community you are working in.

Each welfare unit is powered by proven Hybrid and Solar technology, using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, noise, and fuel costs.  All welfare units are fitted with smart telemetry to ensure optimal unit efficiency and limited generator operation. This not only benefits staff but promotes a positive image of construction to local residents and businesses.

Our EcoLogic Solar welfare units have proven results of up to 100% carbon-free renewable energy to power electrical loads in the unit. Averaging 95.2% over a whole year, in all weathers and work environments.

All Oasis welfare units have a 24/7 drying and changing room that operates silently overnight. There are plenty of layouts to choose from. Oasis EcoLogic Hybrid and EcoLogic Solar welfare units are available in 32ft or 24ft. All 32ft welfare units have two separate toilets for a large or diverse workforce.

Welfare Unit vs Oasis Unit: What’s the difference?

Your Complete Site Office and Welfare Setup

When hiring static site welfare from Advanté, you can opt for a layout with ample office space too.

In addition to static welfare units, the Oasis Welfare range offers the option to double-stack and increase your office and meeting space with our unique EcoMax Hybrid and EcoMax Solar ranges.

Each self-contained EcoMax setup will maximise your welfare and office potential without increasing your compound footprint.

Ground floor:  Choose your preferred welfare layout on the ground floor. This will include office and/or canteen facilities, a 24/7 drying room and 1 or 2 toilets.

First floor:  Benefit from the additional office and/or meeting space in your upstairs unit by providing a positive work environment for your staff and visitors.

An EcoMax site setup is also powered by our low emission, low noise EcoLogic Hybrid and Solar technology, to support our clients in their mission to meet ESG Sustainability and Net Zero targets.

View the extensive Oasis Welfare range here.

Welfare Unit vs Oasis Unit: What’s the difference?
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