Why choose EcoLogic Welfare Units?

1. Cost savings with lower cost per person for welfare

When considering how many people your welfare unit can cater for, our Oasis EcoLogic welfare units, can save you up to 40% in costs per person.

Typical 50 hour working week

  • Fuel consumption:  17kg LPG/week
  • Fuel costs:  £23.33/week (based on 47kg bottle LPG @£64.50)
  • Welfare fuel cost per person:  £0.93/week
  • CO2 emissions:  49.6kg CO2e/week

All our 32ft EcoLogic units are static and have two toilets, which cater for up to 25 people from a Health & Safety point of view. Whereas welfare units with one toilet can cater for up to 15.


 2. Reduced Carbon Footprint for LPG v diesel

  • LPG has lower carbon emissions compared with diesel
  • No risk of diesel spillage and contamination of water table
  • No particulates in exhaust emissions
  • No risk of fines for diesel spillage
  • Non-carcinogenic

Significant savings on Carbon Footprint by simply switching to LPG

  • 1ltr diesel = 2.6 kgCO₂e
  • 1ltr LPG = 1.5 kgCO₂e

Data source:  Energy conversion factors, Carbon Trust Website


3. Extensive model range with versatile layout options

It goes without saying that the welfare we suppy to your sites must be fully Health and Safety compliant.  Oasis EcoLogic Welfare goes beyond the minimum requirements, by providing a pleasant place to work and rest that has minimal impact on the environment.

  • Client choice of model:  There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to site welfare. The variety of EcoLogic models available have all been designed with our Clients’ project requirements in mind.
  • Different layouts and sizes:  Construction sites are unique, so it is important you have the option to choose a static welfare unit that suits your specific requirements. Oasis Welfare units are available in different sizes to cater for every site.
  • Staff well-being:  Each dedicated area inside our Oasis welfare units are comfortable in size and provide suitable space to work in.


4. Trouble free welfare with advanced Telemetry

  •  Advanced Telemetry allows us to remotely monitor our units on hire and gives us the ability to identify a potential issue before it occurs. By reacting to these early warning signs, we can ensure continuous and reliable welfare provision.
  • Site Specific Curfews are set to prevent the generator from running at undesirable times. Generator operation is already limited by our unique hybrid technology to provide mostly silent running welfare during the day and night.
  • Text or Email Alerts are available on request, to notify site when servicing of the unit is due or when the unit has low gas pressure


5. Fuel efficiency

  • High level of insulation including insulated window shutters
  • Double glazing
  • PIR controlled lighting – Mercury free
  • Efficient and cost-effective heating system
  • Low user intervention ensures best environmental performance


6. Use of renewable energy & resources

  • Solar power incorporated in the unit design
  • Sustainable timber used throughout construction


7. Improved Health & Safety

Safe lifting operation:

  • Low level lifting eyes as standard
  • Balance lifting allowing level lift
  • Built in Levelling legs in unit

Suitable welfare facilities:

  • 2 toilets allowing more staff or male female cover
  • Larger workforces properly supported in one unit


  • 24 /7 drying room operation without generator running constantly
  • Programmable heating system

Safe lighting:

  • Mercury-free lighting

Reduced noise:

  • Silent welfare provision due to our unique hybrid EcoLogic technology system, which significantly reduces generator running hours
  • Super silent generator that keeps noise output to a minimum, even during limited times of generator running


8. Water saving features

  • Water waste is reduced by controlled water flow
  • Instant shut off/non-concussive taps are installed in all units


9. Carbon statements at the end of the hire

Accurate Carbon statements can be provided for all EcoLogic units at the end of each hire, detailing the following information:

  • kg of LPG used during hire
  • CO2 emissions
  • Running cost


10. Extra points for Considerate Constructors and PQQ’s

Oasis EcoLogic welfare supports the code of best practice set out by the Considerate Constructors Scheme:

  • Care about Appearance
  • Respect the Community
  • Protect the Environment
  • Secure everyone’s Safety
  • Value their Workforce

Increased bid success for our Clients:    

We are fully aware of the importance of our Clients to maximise their scores on PQQ’s and bids to secure their future workload.

Contact us for more information on choosing EcoLogic Welfare Units?