5 Reasons for Choosing Oasis EcoLogic Solar

25 years ago, Advanté invented the concept of an ‘instant start’ welfare unit

25 years ago, Advanté invented the concept of an ‘instant start’ welfare unit and working alongside clients has pioneered static, self-contained welfare units ever since.

Innovation for sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do and our award–winning EcoLogic Solar welfare units were designed to help clients reach their Net Zero targets. EcoLogic Solar welfare units are completely self-contained, static cabins powered by solar/LPG hybrid technology. Each 32ft unit will provide your site with office and/or canteen facilities, a 24/7 drying room (silent heating overnight) and 2 toilets.

95.2%* Carbon-Free Electrical Power

EcoLogic Solar welfare units are highly energy efficient and run mainly silently. The solar/LPG hybrid technology generates an impressive renewable electrical power supply all-year-round, reducing carbon emissions, fuel & running costs.

Silent Running 98.7%* of the time

With minimal generator run time, the EcoLogic Solar run almost silently, perfect for staff working on site and for residents and communities nearby. Quietly efficient, the units still run a full 24/7 drying room so damp clothes are dry in the morning.

5 Reasons for Choosing Oasis EcoLogic Solar

Advanced Telemetry

Each unit has an advanced telemetry system, allowing the Advanté Service Team to remotely monitor the units and the ability to identify any potential issues before they occur. By monitoring and communicating with site, we can ensure continuous and reliable welfare provision.

Improved Staff Wellbeing

The EcoLogic Solar range offers a number of features that promote a comfortable and inclusive workplace. With 2 toilets there are facilities for male and female staff; shower and faith toilet options are also available. Programmable heating allows site to make the most efficient use of energy whilst staying warm.

Static Welfare for Agile Working

EcoLogic Solar units are a game changer for project planning, increasing flexibility and productivity in any location. Their stand-alone, self-contained design reduces logistical restraints on where sites place their welfare accommodation. Meaning sites don’t need to wait for connections in order to start work.

Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units

For all enquiries email us at sales@advante.co.uk or call 01268 280500.


*Data were taken from Advanté telemetry across all solar units on hire 1/1/21 – 30/5/22. Renewable energy only for electrical use excludes heating.


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