Corporate Social Responsibility

Meeting the challenges of long-term sustainability is high on our agenda

“I believe that integrating sustainable principles into our core business strategy helps us to create and add value to our business. We use our BSI Integrated Management System as a tool to continually improve our operational efficiency and to respond to growing client and stakeholder expectations. There is a wide range of impacts that our operational activities and products can have on the wider environment and by having developed a long-term plan, which takes into account Safety, People, Community and the Environment, Advanté are confident in ensuring our business meets the challenges in attaining long-term sustainability.”

Stan Chapman, MD


Our Policy

Advanté Limited is a leading provider of instant start welfare throughout the UK.   We recognise our responsibilities to our employees, the community and the wider stakeholder group.  We take these responsibilities very seriously and consult on an ongoing basis with our stakeholders to ensure that our policies reflect the key social, ethical and environmental issues faced by the Company.

Our approach to corporate governance is designed to ensure that all who trade with us or who are reliant upon us for their employment are confident that we conduct our business in a manner which does not impose undue risk or pressures upon them.

Advanté have embedded in our business, policies which have produced tangible improvements in how our plant hire services are delivered to our customers. This policy extends beyond simply delivering accommodation units to site and includes associated service support on our Clients’ sites during the hire. Our processes are continually developing to further reduce any adverse impact of our products and services. We will set and monitor relevant measurable objectives and targets and report regularly on our progress.

Our key corporate responsibility actions include:

  • Obtaining and maintaining appropriate external accreditations to demonstrate, challenge and improve our performance in key areas
  • Providing appropriate training and development for our staff to allow them to safely and effectively carry out their roles
  • Working with our key stakeholders to provide local employment, including the vulnerable and long term unemployed
  • Working with the local supply chain, building skills by sharing knowledge and insight
  • Investing in the development of our skills and experience in the area of sustainable and renewable technologies to reduce our environmental impact on the communities
  • Prioritising the use of recycled and recyclable materials
  • Maintaining excellent standards of energy management and water conservation
  • Minimising disruption to local residents as far as possible

This Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability.  Copies of the Policy are made available to all members of staff.



Stan Chapman                                                                                                                         

Managing Director – Advanté Limited

July 2019