Buyer's Guide to Lifting & Transport

We created this helpful guide to assist you when choosing to hire lifting and transport services from Advanté. If you have a unique project with specific requirements or need further information, please give us a call!

How we deliver to & collect safely from your site

Basis of Delivery/Collection

The basis on which the delivery/collection is undertaken is that of a “Hired and Managed” Lift under the CPA-ALLMI Best Practice Guide June 2010.

Prior to Delivery/Collection

Once order is confirmed (latest 11am the day prior to delivery/collection) the appropriate size/type of vehicle will be allocated to the job based on location and site restrictions (as per sale transport requirements)

The afternoon prior to delivery/collection, our Transport Team will phone your site contact with an ETA. Normally this is a 4hr window unless a specific time has been agreed at time of quoting.

En route

If requested, the site contact can be phoned to confirm arrival time, when the driver is en route.

On your site

Every driver working for Advanté will have full PPE and the following documentation with them:

  • Driver licence
  • CPCS/ ALLMI card
  • Crane test certificates
  • Lifting accessory test certificates with Safe Working Loads
  • Generic risk assessment
  • Method statement (if requested)
  • Waste carriers licence

Once the lorry loader crane operator has followed site instruction to off load and levelled the unit, the operator will show your site representative around the unit and explain how to use it.

De-rig and leave site

What we need to know from you

Full site address & site contact details

Please provide us with full site address including postcode wherever possible and name and contact details for your site representative (mobile phone numbers are preferred, as this enables us to get hold of the contact more efficiently.)

Project specific restrictions

  • Will our staff require off site inductions before the delivery?
  • Will they need to attend on-site inductions?
  • Is there a designated access route to and from the site?
  • Are there any periods between which the site cannot be accessed during a normal working day?

Please be aware some restrictions may incur additional cost.

Width & height restriction

Are there any width or height restrictions on entering the site or in the location of the unit?

We require a minimum width of 3 metres (assuming the vehicle and its trailer can enter the opening square on) and a minimum height of 5 metres to access your site. To operate the lorry loader crane we will also need additional operating area to extend the outrigger support legs, as required.

Traffic management

  • Is there a traffic management plan prepared for the project? We will require one in time to review and hand to our driver?
  • Are we delivering the unit from the road? If this is the case, it is your responsibility to organise traffic management to ensure the driver’s and the public’s safety.

Restrictions leading to site

  • Are there any restrictions leading to the site access?

For example, main road, cul-de-sac, narrow roadway, low bridges, street parking, overhead power lines, weight or time restrictions, etc.

Vehicle restrictions

Are there any restrictions as to types of transport that cannot be used? Our deliveries/collections are quoted on access to site with artics and/or trailers. (Rigid Vehicle Length 11.25m with trailer and unit up to 20.5m)

Ground conditions

  • Will there be suitable ground for our vehicle to travel on and turn (lorry weight 32 tonne max plus trailer 12 tonne)
  • Will the ground be levelled (within reason) in the location of the unit’s position?
  • Will the ground be compacted in the location of the unit’s position?

Please note vehicles are only taken off the highway at the Hirer’s risk

two diggers lifted from london basement

Important documentation

CDM & Lift Plan

In line with CDM Regulations we operate on your site under your responsibility and in accordance with your Lift Plan.

Crane & lift accessories certificates

These also can be supplied prior to help with Lift plans

Dimensions of the truck and trailer

Available on request

Lorry capabilities

We have a fleet of our own lorries, which we supplement with external hauliers, who have been tried and tested for many years. Our largest lorry loader cranes are 80t/m, able to conduct a full 360-degree lift at full capacity. In general, the capabilities of our lorries mean we save you time, money and cause less disruption to your sites.

Loader working radius and dimensions

Available on request

Method Statement

All method statements are drawn up in accordance with Loler and Puwer requirements. Generic Method Statement and Risk Assessment are provided.

Pressure on outrigger

We can supply you with the pressure under the outrigger and the size of our standard outrigger pads to be used for each lift, if required.  Additional outrigger pads are available on request.

Please remember:
Our Oasis units and others do not have an evenly distributed load and therefore the centre of gravity is offset when lifting

Outrigger pad carrier by Advante

Useful to know

Euro 6 Low Emissions

All our vehicles operate to the Euro 6 compliance and low emission standards (required for entry into Greater London from October 2020)


We have upheld our FORS Gold (Freight Operator Recognition Scheme) accreditation since 2015

Lift complexity

The lift complexity on which our generic RAMS are prepared is Basic.

FIVE years FORS Gold Oasis Welfare Units Modular Buildings