About Advanté

Advanté invented the concept of instant start welfare through our Oasis range and are now the supplier of choice for many of the major players in the construction industry. Our brand name has become the generic term for welfare units, but please don’t forget that not all welfare units are Oasis units!

Quality welfare and service

Our reputation is based on our quality product and service as well as our pro-active approach and the importance we place on understanding our Customer's requirements. We have in place a Client Charter for the Oasis experience, which outlines our commitment to our Clients and details the service you can expect from Advanté and Oasis.

Keeping all your Stakeholders happy

We recognise that generally speaking there are a number of interested parties involved with every project, from the buyer, site manager, contracts managers, safety manager and of course the operatives on site, They all have an interest in the successful provision of welfare on site and all parties are carefully considered and looked after in your dealings with Advanté.

Don't forget about our Transport

In addition to providing quality site accommodation to your site, we are increasingly recognised as a leading reliable transport provider. The capability of our lorries means we are able to carry out a full range of transport services; from delivering cabins to your site, moving your owned accommodation site-to-site or moving materials on site.

Solutions for your sites

We trust that our website gives you a clear understanding of how we are able to offer you site accommodation and transport solutions and we would be happy to assist you with your requirements.