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Billions of people around the world are living without access to safe and sanitary toilet facilities.

Today is…

World Toilet Day – A day created to raise awareness about their target to ensure everyone has access to a safe toilet by 2030.

The trade union Unite has used this day to highlight the significant lack of “toilet dignity” across the UK, suggesting that thousands of people are without access to basic toilet facilities in the workplace.  Recent research carried out by Unite has found that some construction sites are failing to provide suitable toilet facilities for both male and female workers.

“A female construction worker reported that the women’s toilets are locked on her construction site and then having to ask male colleagues for the key. Then when the key is obtained discovering the toilet is being used for storage.”

At Advanté, we aim to provide quality welfare to our clients that meet all their health & safety requirements.  We included two toilets in our Oasis EcoLogic welfare range, so that both men and women are catered for in one unit.

Each of our 32ft Oasis units provide a pleasant working environment with two separate lockable wash rooms with flushing toilets, a drying room, kitchen facilities, an office and/or canteen area and a shower (if required).

All Oasis welfare units are designed to provide workers with welfare and toilet facilities on site straight away. If you need to provide welfare for both men and women on site, we have the solution with our all-in-one EcoLogic welfare unit.

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Site welfare with Men and Women in mind Oasis EcoLogic 1750 for men and women
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