Beach sleigh moves Oasis unit at low tide

We often deliver welfare units to the beach, but a seaside sleigh-ride is not something we see every day. This Oasis unit was towed across the sand, to works being carried out at low tide.

You can take your welfare (almost) anywhere.

Our client, a specialist marine civil contractor, required an all-round instant start, static welfare unit with two toilets. We delivered this Oasis welfare unit as close to the coastal site as possible, where it was then lifted on to a giant-sized sleigh that could be towed across the sand.

Oasis welfare unit on beach sleigh

Welfare facilities ideal for coastal works

Protecting coastal communities from potential flooding requires some unusual work, often carried out at challenging locations.

This project required a self-contained welfare unit that could be towed out at low tide, close to works. The works involved replacing timbers groins, designed to prevent too much sand from being moved along the beach by the longshore drift.

Oasis instant start welfare units do not require connection to services, making them ideal for coastal projects like this one. The unit is ready to be used once delivered to site, providing trouble-free unit operation with very low user intervention.

Which welfare unit did they choose?

The Oasis EcoLogic 1750, is one of our most popular welfare units. This self-contained 32ft Oasis unit includes a separate Office, Canteen with 10 seats, Drying Room and 2 Toilets.

EcoLogic 1750 floorplan

Our EcoLogic welfare unit range has been carefully designed to provide quality welfare facilities that have minimal impact on the local environment and community.

• Hybrid LPG power system
• Low CO2 emissions = reduced carbon footprint
• Renewable energy from solar power

At Advanté, we don’t just focus on the eco credentials of our welfare units, we consider the economical and social benefits too. Both EcoLogic and EcoMax welfare units are mainly silent-running during the day, with a fully operational 24/7 drying room that works silently overnight. Our unit sizes and layouts are carefully thought out to make the best use of the space provided. Our extensive model range offers flexibility and options that can be adapted to suit your specific project requirements.

When life’s a beach, we’ll meet you there. We really do deliver (almost) anywhere.

So much more than just welfare…

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