COVID-19 Options

In response to COVID-19, we created the following options to provide suitable welfare solutions to support increased hand washing and social distancing measures on site.

EcoLogic WashStation

Our unique instant start solution to providing additional hand washing facilities for your staff. Three separate washrooms, in one self-contained unit ready for immediate use once delivered to site.

  • 3 x separate Washrooms with external access
  • Full forearm Handwash Basins
  • Foot operated taps & non-touch soap dispenser
  • Controllable water set to recommended temperature by NHS
  • Indicator light to show when cubicle is occupied
  • Solar & LPG powered
  • Fully self-contained unit (no generator)
  • Built-in water tanks (fresh & grey waste)
  • Size 2.4m x 2.6m (8×8″6’ft)
WashStation photos with layout

EcoLogic WashStation 1+1

This unit is designed to provide your site with a large, versatile open space with hand washing facilities, in addition to two separate washrooms with separate external access.

  • 2 Toilets with separate external access
  • 3 Sinks with hot & cold running water
  • Fully self-contained unit
  • Designated Entry + Exit for one-way flow
  • Alternative use as induction or site entrance unit
  • Hybrid technology
  • Size 9.75m x 2.7m (32x9ft)
EcoLogic WashStation 1+1 and logo

EcoLogic 1400 – Safe zones

This unit will seat 5 staff in the canteen, whilst 2m social distancing measures are in place. We’ve marked out safe 2m seating zones to ensure safety ‘best practice’ is met when sharing welfare facilities on site.

  • 2 Toilets with separate external access
  • 3 Sinks with hot & cold running water
  • 5 Staff seated in the Canteen at one time
  • Fully self-contained unit
  • Hybrid technology
  • Size 9.75m x 2.7m (32x9ft)


EL1400 with social distancing

Signage for Social Distancing

Stickers are available, if required, to help you ensure social distancing is adhered to in the canteen. These can be placed on the tables to mark out separate safe zones within the area.

Enquire now for more information.

Social distancing safe zone Stickers