EcoMax-imise your site welfare

Do you need more welfare and office space on site at the start of a new project? EcoMax is our double-stacked instant start welfare solution.

Look inside ecomax

EcoMax will provide you with a complete welfare set-up with additional office and/or meeting space, while taking up the lowest possible footprint on site.

EcoMax is powered via the same proven technology in our EcoLogic range, which significantly reduces carbon emissions and running costs.

What are the benefits?

  • Begin works immediately:  EcoMax caters for up to 25 staff and is ready to use once delivered and connected.  Next Day delivery is available.
  • Improve communications and ‘Right First Time’:  The large open plan office/meeting room facilities offered by EcoMax will provide enough space to hold meetings, give presentations and encourage clearer communications to assist with a ‘Right First Time’ approach.
  • Boost productivity:  EcoMax will provide staff with a pleasant working environment and reliable welfare that is key to increasing productivity.  Advanced telemetry is used to ensure trouble-free unit operation and resolution of some potential issues before they occur.
  • Be diverse and inclusive:  EcoMax can cater for both men and women on site.  As with our EcoLogic range, all our 32ft units have two toilets so you can provide separate male and female toilet facilities for staff and visitors on site.
  • Be considerate:  Lower your impact on the environment and keep the neighbours happy.  EcoMax can limit the use of the generator by setting site specific curfews, reduce your carbon footprint and provide mainly silent running welfare for most of the day and all night.
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