Fancy a cold shower in your welfare unit?

Shower units are available in both our 32ft and 24ft welfare ranges. The weather looks set to stay warm across the UK this Summer, so a cold shower sounds very appealing

With the weather looking set to stay warm across the UK this Summer, a cold shower sounds very appealing… 

The nature of construction projects often includes dirty works, such as dusty demolition, concrete pouring, sewer or drainage maintenance, water and coastal defence works.

To ensure staff have suitable welfare facilities in a standalone unit, we created options that have a separate lockable shower room, in addition to toilet, drying room, canteen and/or office facilities.

Shower units are available in both the EcoLogic and EcoMax ranges. They also have two lockable toilets that provide separate facilities for both male and female staff on site.  Oasis welfare units also give extra points for Considerate Constructors too.

Choose the Oasis welfare unit to suit your site requirements and get works started straight away.  Our 80t/m lorry loaders are capable of 360° lifting and will deliver your unit to your site quickly and safely.

Need a quote?  Call us on 01268 280500 or email us at today.

Need a hot shower with your welfare? EcoLogic - Shower options
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