Hygiene Products Now Available With Every Oasis Unit Hire

In our ongoing commitment to prioritise the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of workers on construction sites, Advanté is thrilled to introduce a range of new hygiene and sanitary products, available with any Oasis welfare unit hire. These products not only address the fundamental needs of workers, but also contribute to a clean, inclusive, and sustainable workplace environment.

NEW Hygiene and Sanitary Products for Oasis Welfare Units

Promoting Health and Hygiene

Our hygiene solutions include Binny disposal bins, which have been specifically designed for the proper disposal of sanitary and other hygiene items. This is to help promote a clean and healthy environment on construction sites and enhance staff wellbeing.

Dignity and Respect in the Workplace

Recognising the needs of women working in construction, a kit from Hey Girls containing a variety of sanitary products will also be available to purchase with any Oasis welfare unit hire. Each kit is designed to offer safe and discreet period products to anyone that needs them.

These solutions have been chosen to help enhance the overall experience for everyone. By acknowledging and addressing these needs, we can all contribute to a workplace culture that values and respects everyone.

Binny disposable hygiene bins sanitary products welfare units construction women

What will Advanté be offering?

Binny Hygiene Bins:

  • Pack of two – Binny Hygiene Disposal Bins.
  • Easily assembled on-site, providing convenience during setup.
  • Disposable at the site, reducing the carbon footprint of hygiene services.
  • Sanitary Products

Hey Girls – Sanitary Products (Social Enterprise):

  • A roll-up kit containing a variety of sanitary products, catering to diverse needs.
  • Designed as a free-to-use product, ensuring accessibility for all workers.
  • Easy to hang in the toilet area for convenient access.
  • For every one purchased, one is donated to someone in need.
  • The roll can be refilled by the client and repurposed at the end of hire, emphasising sustainability and waste reduction.
Period Products Hey Girls sanitary women hygiene welfare toilets construction sites

Committed to Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Advanté’s introduction of these innovative hygiene products reflects their unwavering commitment to health, safety, and welfare standards, reinforcing Advanté’s position as a leader in the provision of self-contained welfare units.

Why add these to your order?

By addressing the health, dignity, and respect of workers, you are not just providing products; you are fostering a culture of care and consideration. By creating a more inclusive and sustainable workplace for everyone you will build a more productive, loyal workforce.

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