“Innovation of the Year” EcoLogic Solar shortlisted again

Our latest hybrid solar Oasis welfare unit, EcoLogic Solar, has been shortlisted for the third time this year. Winners will be announced at the Construction News Specialists Awards 2021. Thank you to all our staff, supply chain and clients for your hard work and support in achieving our lowest carbon welfare unit to date.

Advante finalist CN Specialists Awards 2021 EcoLogic Solar welfare unit
Oasis Welfare Unit EcoLogic Solar

EcoLogic Solar welfare unit shortlisted for ‘Innovation of the Year (non-contractor)’ at CN Specialists Awards 2021

We are extremely proud to announce that Oasis Welfare‘s EcoLogic Solar welfare unit has been shortlisted for a third time this year. 

This is Advante‘s latest innovation in hybrid solar technology. EcoLogic Solar is capable of generating up to 100% of the welfare unit’s electrical power directly from solar.

EcoLogic Solar is having a positive impact on construction sites by supporting our clients in meeting their ESG Sustainability aims and net zero carbon targets.  We have developed a new hybrid EcoLogic Solar power system and large solar array with our latest telematics, to ensure optimum energy efficiency.

This welfare unit provides effective, low carbon, low noise welfare facilities with a pleasant work/respite environment for staff and visitors on site. The EcoLogic Solar welfare unit is capable of capturing solar energy all year round, which means the unit is silent-running when powered by solar or stored energy.

Key Features:

  • NEW hybrid EcoLogic Solar power system
  • Large solar array for increased renewable power supply
  • Solar gain achievable all year round
  • New telemetry system to monitor and improve unit performance
  • Limited need for generator operation

Benefits to YOUR construction site:

  • Impressive reduction in welfare carbon emissions
  • Positive community impact
  • Low noise welfare = happy neighbours
  • Mainly silent running welfare unit
  • Reliable self-contained welfare facilities
  • Trouble-free welfare with intelligent telemetry system
  • Reduced welfare running costs
  • Two toilets = inclusive facilities for a diverse workforce
  • Supports CCS Considerate Code of Practice

For more information about EcoLogic Solar and the Oasis Welfare unit range, please contact our team.

Good luck everyone! 

Oasis Welfare Unit EcoLogic Solar shortlisted for Innovation of the Year Award at CN Specialists 2021

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