Net Zero 50 List 2022

We need your vote!

As a finalist in the SME Category, Advanté’s EcoLogic Solar Welfare units have been selected to be part of the first Net Zero 50 List 2022.  Please vote here.

Why Net Zero 50 List? The Net Zero 50 List brings together UK’s leading initiatives, individuals, and companies. It celebrates the Net Zero innovations and innovators who are helping Digital Leaders achieve the UK’s Net Zero agenda.

Sustainability and innovations are at the heart of what we do. It’s in our DNA as we support our clients’ ESG sustainability aims and their individual Net Zero carbon targets. When Digital Leaders launched the Net Zero 50 List to raise awareness of the environment and coinciding with COP27, we wanted to get involved to showcase the real results of our EcoLogic Solar range.

Net Zero 50 List 2022 Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units

EcoLogic SOLAR range is fitted with a full solar array ensuring maximum solar gain is achieved all year round. Since its launch in January 2021, the units have delivered 95.2% renewable carbon-free electricity and 98.7% silent running on average, across the UK, in all conditions. The units are designed to minimise environmental impact, enhance staff wellbeing, and positively impact the community.

Working with our partners and clients, we are aware that reaching net zero is an enormous challenge. Our innovation success has always been driven by our industry’s ever-changing welfare needs, and we wanted to highlight this by being part of the list.

Oasis UK Ecologic Solar silent-running welfare units by Oasis

By the time of the handover of the UN climate presidency at COP27, the Net Zero 50 List will have highlighted the inspiring work that has been done this year across the UK.

It’s an amazing achievement to be part of the Net Zero 50 List. We cannot do that without your help. From today, please vote for us and show your appreciation here.

As we wait for the outcome, we will be attending the Net Zero 50 Breakfast Reception on Wednesday 16th November to meet the rest of the list members.

Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units
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