Oasis Vision Solar: Silent, Sustainable, Self-Contained Toilets

Explore Oasis Vision Solar, the self-contained toilets primarily powered by renewable energy. Discover how this state-of-the-art facility is reshaping construction sites, ushering in a greener, more inclusive future.

Advanté, pioneer and market-leading supplier of Oasis welfare units, is committed to helping UK construction sites reach their Net Zero and ESG Sustainability goals.

Known for its innovation, Advanté has consistently evolved its welfare solutions, and the Vision Solar self-contained toilets are no exception. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to cater to the diverse needs of construction sites, providing instant-start, self-contained, and low emission toilet facilities for up to 60 staff.


Empowering Construction Sites with Vision Solar

Imagine a self-contained toilet block that is almost always silent, harnessing solar renewable energy, and caters to the welfare needs of a large and mixed workforce. This is precisely what Vision Solar brings to construction sites who need to get set up quickly, where connection to mains electric and services aren’t available.

The 2+1 toilet block configuration – two toilets, two urinals, and a separate toilet for a male/female split – ensures the needs of everyone working on site are met efficiently.

Vision Solar Oasis welfare units

Harnessing Renewable Energy from Daylight with Vision Solar

The real game-changer is the integration of Oasis solar-hybrid technology, powering the Vision Solar units with renewable energy as the main power source. This not only significantly reduces carbon emissions but also addresses the crucial issue of noise pollution on construction sites.

The Vision Solar range is delivering diesel-free, sustainable instant start toilet facilities to contractors nationwide. Since launch in May 2023, the average carbon-free renewable electrical power achieved by all Vision Solar units hired in the fleet to date is 97.4%. This means the backup hybrid LPG generator is hardly ever required to run, due to the Oasis Solar technology’s impressive ability to harness silent renewable solar energy from daylight.

Vision Solar Welfare units from Advante Oasis

Evolution from Vision to Vision Solar

Vision Solar is not an isolated innovation; it’s a natural progression from Advanté’s existing Vision toilet blocks. Since 1998, the company has been at the forefront of developing sustainable welfare solutions. Vision Solar represents another innovation milestone in this journey, incorporating the cutting-edge solar-hybrid technology.

The design evolution includes a large solar array fitted to the roof, and an intelligent telemetry system that communicates with our service team who offer remote support and monitoring, reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

Advanté has not just embraced sustainability; it has propelled its welfare solutions into a new era, aligning with the individual Net-Zero and ESG Sustainability goals of leading contractors.

Vision Solar self-contained Toilets Oasis Welfare Unit

Environmental and Social Impact of Vision Solar

With a remarkable 97.4% average carbon-free electrical power achieved, Vision Solar not only reduces running costs, but also has a positive environmental and community impact. The low-carbon, low-noise facilities offered by Vision Solar align with construction firms’ sustainability aims.

The impressive solar performance contributes to significant carbon reduction and supports the urgent decarbonisation initiative set forth by the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener.

Vision Solar goes beyond the minimum welfare requirements to positively impact the wellbeing and morale of construction workers. The availability of high-quality, robust, and mainly silent instant-start toilet facilities, including wheelchair-accessible options, enhances the welfare environment for everyone.

The largely silent-running features of Vision Solar play a crucial role in minimising disturbance to residents and businesses near construction sites. This not only improves community engagement, but also supports the broader economic goals of construction projects.

Vision Solar Access Self-contained Toilets Oasis Welfare Unit

Impressive Results and the Future

Since their launch in May 2023, Advanté’s Vision Solar toilet blocks are continuing to demonstrate significant carbon reduction, which also translates to lower fuel costs and reduced noise on construction sites. The impressive solar gain achieved by the new solar-hybrid technology, combined with intelligent telemetry, minimises generator usage, reducing service calls, and on-site support.

Vision Solar won two International Green Apple Environment Awards in 2023.

Advanté’s commitment to sustainable welfare solutions continues to drive positive change. Vision Solar is more than a product; it’s a testament to the industry’s capacity for innovation and adaptability in the pursuit of a greener, more inclusive future.

Two Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice
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