Oasis unit spotted on Eastenders’ set

Contractors working on the new Eastenders set have chosen Oasis welfare units to support their staff on site during the reconstruction of Albert Square.

I spy with my little eye, something painted blue (and it’s not the cherry picker)…

The Oasis welfare unit can be spotted in this bird’s eye view photo of the whole site. Photo credit: ISO Images Ltd shared by MailOnline.

The whole Eastenders’ set is being rebuilt in a new location, revamping the famous Queen Vic pub, well known shops, food outlets and neighbouring houses to become HD-film ready. However, completion is not expected until 2023.

Oasis welfare unit spotted on Eastenders set

Now you’ve spotted the Oasis unit, can you tell which model it is?

It’s one of our Oasis Vision 19s instant start welfare units. A completely self-contained, 2+1+1 toilet block unit, which includes an additional shower room. Each area has separate external door access with fixed stair entry, allowing for split male/female toilet facilities as well.

Why would they choose an Oasis welfare unit?

Oasis welfare units are often used on projects where connection to services are too costly, impractical or time consuming.  Our extensive range of layout options and sizes are easily tailored to suit the changing welfare needs on construction sites.

Our Vision range offers instant start 2+1 toilet block solutions that can cater for up to 60 staff. Vision units are now also available with a choice of an additional shower or faith toilet, to cater for all your staff’s needs.

For more information about our Vision + shower or faith toilet, contact our team today.

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