Shortlist – HS2 Learning Legacy Awards 2022

For EcoLogic Solar CAGE

We are thrilled to share that the EcoLogic Solar CAGE engine which we developed with a group headed by Oaktec and funded by Innovate UK has been shortlisted for an HS2 Learning Legacy Awards in the category of Environment & Heritage.

A fantastic achievement in new and innovative welfare of clean bio-LPG generator set. The CAGE and hybrid EcoLogic Solar technologies combined offer a sustainable energy solution to powering welfare, while effectively and significantly reducing carbon, noise and running costs for over more than a year.

HS2 Learning Legacy is about sharing – it’s the collation and dissemination of good practice, innovation, and those lessons learned with HS2 aimed at raising the bar within the industry. HS2 trials were game-changing Clean Air Gas Engine technology dramatically reducing carbon on construction sites.

HS2 Learning Legacy Awards 2022 Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units

Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of what we do, to further support clients’ ESG sustainability aims and individual Net Zero targets – providing sustainable impact.


Stan Chapman, R&D Director explains…

“We’re so delighted to be shortlisted. This is about innovations for the future, and collaboration for a sustainable impact on our environment. Working with great partners who are thinking about cleaner air, low emissions, and noise reduction within our industry. I cannot wait for the awards ceremony.”

The award ceremony will be held at The Institution of Civil Engineers on Friday 11th November.

Read the full case study here.

Ecologic Advante Self Contained Welfare Cabin Units
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