The Common Assessment Standard – What does it do?

In the complex world of construction, efficient pre-qualification processes are crucial for ensuring project success. The Common Assessment Standard is a pioneering initiative by Build UK, which emerged to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify the pre-qualification (PQ) process for suppliers in the construction industry.

What is the Common Assessment Standard?

The Common Assessment Standard is a standardised framework developed by Build UK, aimed at improving the pre-qualification process for suppliers in the construction industry. It comprises a set of industry-agreed questions and assessment standards that suppliers must adhere to in order to achieve certification. This certification is conferred by Recognised Assessment Bodies, who audit companies’ compliance with the standard. Notably, there are two certification levels – desktop and site-based – based on the nature and scale of an organisation.

The Common Assessment Standard provides a more streamlined, cost-effective, and consistent approach to supplier pre-qualification. Historically, the PQ process in construction has been demanding, often involving redundant paperwork, multiple assessments, and varying criteria from different assessment bodies.

Build UK recognised these challenges and, in response, created the Common Assessment Standard. The primary objectives were to enhance efficiency, reduce duplication of efforts, and create a unified framework that would be widely accepted across the industry.

By establishing a standardised set of questions and assessment standards, the Common Assessment Standard simplifies the PQ process and promotes a more collaborative and productive relationship between suppliers, contractors, and clients.

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Who uses the Common Assessment Standard?

The Common Assessment Standard has gained significant traction within the construction industry and beyond. Companies seeking to become qualified suppliers undergo the certification process, which involves assessment by Recognised Assessment Bodies.

The list of organisations that have embraced the Common Assessment Standard is impressive, including major players like Balfour Beatty, Bouygues UK, Kier, Skanska, and many others.

The Common Assessment Standard extends to the public sector, as central Government departments and public sector bodies are empowered by PPN 03/23 to utilise the Common Assessment Standard for supplier pre-qualification.

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Recognised Assessment Bodies:

Constructionline, along with other Recognised Assessment Bodies, such as CHAS, CQMS, SCCS and Achilles, have all demonstrated their capability to audit companies against the Common Assessment Standard.

Advanté maintains a GOLD Membership with Constructionline to meet the Common Assessment Standard, and benefit from the following:

  • Exceed PAS 91 Requirements: Gold membership surpasses the common PAS 91 standard, showcasing extra verifications like environmental and quality management, diversity, Modern Slavery Act adherence, and anti-corruption policies.
  • SSIP Accreditation Included: Gold membership incorporates Acclaim’s SSIP accreditation, reducing the complexity in managing health and safety compliance.
  • Search Visibility from Buyers: Industry standard embraced by top UK buyers. Over 81% of specific membership level searches include Gold.

Visit Constructionline for more information or contact our dedicated team to find out about Advanté’s other industry accreditations and awards, giving clients peace of mind.

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